Sci Fi movie wins Las Vegas 48 hour film project


I just joined the site. It looks really cool. I'm excited to be a part of it.

We just did the 48 hour film project and drew Sci Fi as our genre. We were really excited about it. In Vegas 48 teams entered and the movies were really strong this year. We ended up winning quite a few awards including best picture, so our film is going to screen at Cannes next year. it's only six minutes long, so check it out. Stick with it, things get really interesting about halfway through



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That was actually sort of funny. Some of the actors had characters that showed go beyond the mere good looks that seem to pervade Hollywood. We need more films with normal looking people with "hidden" character that makes us think we could be them, always makes a connection :)
Hey, thanks. We had a good time making it. I'm not sure if you're familiar with the 48 hour film project. It's a competition where you draw a genre out of a hat and then have two days to make a film that has to incorporate a character, line of dialogue, and a prop that you don't find out about until the competition starts. Then you have to write, shoot, edit and deliver a short film in under 48 hours. It's really fun.