Sci Fi Music?

Sorry to bump, but I wanted to include links. Sorry I'm late.

This song reminds me of a Yavin 4-Fantasy-Natural Sci Fi- Metropolis type liberation. I think.... Anyways, it's called R-Evolve, and it's by 30 Seconds to Mars.

Next, we have another 30 Seconds to Mars song. It's called OBLIVION. It is sort of like a Serenity-style-Neo Egyptian-Cyber Rock-Post Apocolyptic thing. Like Dune, Firefly, Imortel, and Omega Man all in one.

I will post more later.
A different type of music, grungier, than what I was expecting (although the first one, R-Evolve, is kinda' growing on me).

I was expecting some of the 'usual' stuff like Pink Floyd's Shine On You Crazy Diamond.

I was about to get to the Prog. Rock/Metal :smiley:

The DragonForce is more fantasy than sci fi, I wanted to add.

Ok, on the topic of Pink Floyd:
Wish You Were Here

I was breaking out the ol' vynil las night and started turning Wish You Were Here (The album) and got to the song (the song). I was thinking this was sort of a THX 1138-Matrix-Avalon type epiphany. So, here it goes.

OOoh.... I love Floyd. And, yes, I have experienced the Floyd + Wizard of Oz mashup. :D A local stereo shop some years back held an event with Oz playing on a giant projector out in the parking lot with Dark Side blasting out of several towers of speakers ringed around the lot. In the middle of the ring must've been about 100~ people sitting on the ground. I do not drink or smoke (or partake of any other vices along those lines) but I am pretty sure the second hand smoke that was hovering like a cloud over the ring was not from cigarettes alone. :ROFLMAO:

Speaking of the '70s, I always envisioned War's Spill The Wine as being a bit trippy... if there was a remix of the old animated The Hobbit with a rock soundtrack, I could see this being used...

Rush's "2112" is my favourite!

"We are the priests of the temples of syrinx
Our great computers fill the hallowed halls.
We are the priests of the temples of syrinx
All the gifts of life are held within our walls."
Music is "Cyberworld" by X-Ray Dog which, although it's not composed by Bear McCreary who does the music in BSG, every time I hear it it reminds me of BSG because of this cool clip:


some Alan Parsons music, esp the instrumental 'The Gold Bug' from the Turn of a Friendly Card album. Radiohead sounds SFy to me.
Surprised nobody has mentioned Hawkwind... lyrics by Brit SF writer Michael Moorcock. Or Blue Oyster Cult. Their first two albums were defnitely a SF scenario. Just hard to figure out what it was.





Some BOC titles

Transmaniacon MC
Stairway To The Stars
Before The Kiss A Recap
She's As Beautiful As A Foot
Cities On Flame With Rock 'n' Roll
Workshop Of The Telescopes
Harvester of Eyes
Hot Rails to Hell
OD'd on Life Itself
Flaming Telepaths
Mistress of the Salmon Salt
Some Hawkwind album titles

In Search of Space
Hall of the Mountain Grill
Warrior on the Edge of Time
Quark, Strangeness and Charm
Sonic Attack
Church of Hawkwind
Choose Your Masques
The Chronicle of the Black Sword
The Xenon Codex
Space Bandits
Electric Tepee
It Is the Business of the Future to Be
Alien 4
Take Me to Your Future
Space Ritual
Knights of Space
The Weird Tapes
This Is Hawkwind, Do Not Panic
Bring Me the Head of Yuri Gagarin
Undisclosed Files Addendum
Choose Your Masques

And some sides:
"Psychedelic Warlords"
"Kings of Speed"
"Psi Power"
"Needle Gun"
"Love In Space"
for me i like isao tomita.

and also his work with the bermuda triangle album.

i personally like floyd. their music fits so well into this genre.

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