Sci-fi/postapocaliptic novel - needs your opinion.

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Hi everyone!
This is sci-fi novel about cold, post-apocalyptic world in year 2100. For now, only 2 chapters translated to English (by professional translator, not by me ).
Word and PDF files included.

So, I need your opinion - feel free to comment and enjoy!

Short plot
In 2013, the events occur, named Three Fatalities. The fall of huge meteorite and the subsequent epidemic of the virus called "Chimera", which changes everything it touches. In 2015, half a world destroyed by simultaneous triggering of all nuclear weapons - right in the launch sites. In the air raised a myriad of tons of ash and dust, starts a new ice age, which turned world into ice desert. In warmer latitudes reign "Hungers" - once the people, and now man-eating monsters. Year 2100. In the north, under the protection of eternal frost the few who were lucky to survive the apocalypse, waging a desperate struggle with the cold, hunger, and with each other. Underground facilities are turned into shelters, abandoned apartment buildings - in the greenhouse. Stalkers ransacking dead cities in searching of supplies, medicines and equipment. In this situation, the people have only one hope: breaking more than a thousand kilometers of land, swarming creatures, find a laboratory in which has been developed but not used another virus - "cleaner." Only with him still have a chance to regain world back.
The main character, a mercenary Max is infected "chimera", and he faces a simple choice: to kill himself in the next month or two or finally morph into the Hunger. The last contract he signs not for himself: for him there is no hope, but he still can save from similar fate woman, which is not indifferent to Max. And in this desperate enterprise intertwined fates of dying mercenary, robber Olga and a strange man by the name of the Wastelander, who is the guide of the group.
However, the Suicide Squad even could not imagine what awaits them in a way, because the most dangerous enemy - internal, and their guide lost his memory and keeps an even more sinister secret.
And, of course, people desperately clinging to life in the land of eternal winter, do not know too much.