This is a little game that I think you'll like. I have 12 pictures of characters from Sci-Fi movies and TV shows. Name the MOVIE OR TV SHOW in which the character appeared.

Some hints:
Image 3 has four possible answers. There were 3 action films and 1 TV Show that this character appeared on. Any of the four will be accepted.

Images 4, 6, and 9 are from the Outer Limits TV Shows of the 60’s. For these, you need to name the INDIVIDUAL EPISODES in which the character appeared in.

Good luck!!
Sci-Fi FAN
From memory, I'm only recognizing some of them...

5 = War of the Worlds (original version)
7 = Gort from The Day The Earth Stood Still
9 = The Sixth Finger (from The Outer Limits)
11 = Children of the Corn

I recognize 8 & 12 but can't think of from where. I suspect some of the other guys & gals will be able to get a lot more.
6 is from the outer limits
10 is the thing
12 is either she creature or the salt creature from star trek
4 looks like an alien hand from they live
Make sure you do not name the character, but the SHOW or MOVIE they are from. Also, for the three that are from Outer Limits, I need INDIVIDUAL EPISODES.

This is what you have so far:
5. War of the Worlds (Original)
7. The Day the Earth Stood Still
9. The Sixth Finger
11. Children of the Corn
12. Star Trek

I won't tell you what is right until you get ALL of them! Remember this is a group effort, all of you need to contribute!

Sci-Fi FAN