Sci-fi Roleplaying Game looking for players


OtherSpace is a science-fiction-themed MUSH that has semi-rebooted as of January 1st, 2009, throwing its existing players into a brand new dimension which the players are helping to shape. Soon we'll be expanding into space exploration, planet-conquering, trading, and inter-planetary politics, all run by or heavily influenced by PCs. It features several races, including the green camouflage-skinned satyr-ish Hekayti, the raccoon-lemur-monkey hybrid Lotorians, spider-like B'hiri, and the serious, silver-haired psionic humanoid Aukami. It will soon allow players to play the fox-wolf hybrid Pyracani and the living spaceships, the whale-like Yaralu. Even if you've never played a MUSH before, we're extremely friendly and will help you through the process of creating a character.

It is the year 2650.

The genocidal war of the Il'Ri'Kamm Hive Mind against the arachnoid B'hiri ended with the defeat of the Hivers. Now, the B'hiri struggle to rebuild their civilization while former Hiver allies, the Thul, creators of the OtherSpace Drive, face the possibility of their own extinction.

The honor-driven castes of the Hekayti seek to maintain their dominance in spite of the savage, bloodthirsty efforts of some of their kin.

The psi-fearing Lotorians, satisfied to roam the universe without a world to call home, look for profit and advantage in every deal made and every bargain struck.

And into the midst of all this come refugees from the distant future of another shard of the Multiverse, bearing technology that could tip the balance of power.

Who are these outsiders? What do they want? Does their coming herald a chance for peace or a bleaker prospect?

The journey to that question's answer begins aboard a living starship, a Yaralu known as Comorro. Perhaps the oldest of its kind, Comorro provides a neutral haven for those who seek it.

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Wow, I looked over the site. Looks like the weirdest thing I've seen yet online. It may be great I don't know but it seems wayyy too complicated for me. I guess it's just not my type of thing.
I'm sorry we aren't to your taste. It's really not that complicated, though. The only things you need to know are found in my intro here, the stuff for the race you choose on , and the : command to pose. Like this:

:wanders in from the Tradeport, his hands stuck in his enormous pockets. His eyes fall upon the group of humans, and the edges of his lips turn up in a smile. "Greetings!" he howls, waving his arms wildly as he approaches.

Beyond that, the rest is just gravy.