Sci fi show join up

I think it would be cool if some time in the future if the star trek the next generation crew and the sg-1 crew met up in a new movie like the enterpris enters a tyime dimension storm and the enterprise enters the sg-1 universe and then they defat a enemy a nd in the end the sg-1 crew finds a way to visit the next generation universe through the star gate


Code Monkey
Staff member
Would be an interesting idea for one of the comic book series. There was already an X-Men/Star Trek cross-over so at least an SG/ST cross-over would be a little bit more explainable.
That would be a great idea -- I've wondered what would happen if Star Trek and Battlestar Gallactica could get together and fight the Cylons -- or the Borg. What would happen if the Cylons ran into the Borg.