sci fi shows with full conclusion

Hi im sick of finding a new show getting really into it buying the dvds then finding out its been cancelled with out a conclusion to the story. some of these that I own are John Doe, Invasion, Dark angel, Tru calling, Wolf lake, The Chronicle and many other good shows. Im looking for recommendations of good shows that have finished there run and have a reasonable conclusion. I have a few shows like this but am looking for others. Some of the shows I have are Alias, Stargate sg1 and Atlantis, Buffy and Angel, Battlestar galactica and some others. Im not looking for anything really dated or cheesy any help will be much appreciated thanks.
I feel your frustration. after 'Lost' they came up with multiple complex scifi shows that didn't last a year (one with sea dragons--Fathom?--, one with Carla Gugino chasing interdimensional stuff, one with William Fichter as a Florida Sheriff ['Did you see the Lights?']; all canceled at end of year one, none satisfactorily resolved.
and don't get me started on the Kolchak remake..!