HI all . First i work in the special effects indy and have for 23 yrs , my wife and i are total sci-geeks , to the point we took the second floor of my FX shop , and made a sci-fi [set] game/movie/break room for us and our workers . We have been looking for a sci-fi group without the teenage angst [felgercarb] i hope we have found one . If there is any intrest i will post more of the
break room project "
Well, hello there! Interesting to see you used some of your spare time creating something original and fun for your circle! More pics of projects like that are definitely welcome here to give everyone ideas and enthusiasm in their own projects.
So far the layout is set. startrek area /stargate atlantis wall / avation / retro area /and weapons center. we have made 3 airlock type doors , and a bulk head door into the simulator .the total area we have to work with is 30 x25 ,
atlantis wall, nice back drop for our SG collection ..also you can see the bulk head into the simulator in the background ..
part 2 of above pic , airlock into the retro game area [nintendo/vetrex/neogeo you get the idea ..