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KeyWords: WHAT IF

What if you are all only part of my dream and when I die you all cease to unknown

What if God does exist?
What if religion is right but it was an obscure religion like aztec or one that we wiped out?
What if only 144,000 people end up in heaven?
What if all the diseases we endure are of our own making?
What if the one with the most toys wins?
What if we are food being grown on a farm planet for a giant alien race that is on its way to harvest us right now?
What if a black hole comes too close?
What if the blackness of dark places is where evil lives?
What if our planet magnetic core really does flip?
What if Dolphins and Whales are the intelligent life on the planet and we are just a land based experiment that was allowed to mature?
What if we are in the way for a galactic highway?
What if the ID is reality and conscienceness is the dream?
What if we actually exist in those realms of our dreams?

What if plants are sacred?
What if we are not supposed to live long lives?
What if babies can see angels?
What if the soul exists?
What if we are a virus that is growing rampant upon the planet?
What if science discovers a way to tap into planck energy and they accidently blow up the planet?
What if we have abilities of the mind to manipulate the universe?
What if there is inhabited other dimensions?

What if we could use the fire how we want?
What if
It has driven us to experimentation ever since we gained reason ability. It has opened our species to invention and wisdom. That question, those two little words, has done more to our species than any other concept or observation. It allows us to grow beyond our current comprehension and drives us on to ever wonderous realms of enlightenment. What if, Don't belittle it. It is the most powerful concept we ever created.