Aliens Scientist Believes Alien Killer Robots Wiped Out Extraterrestrial Colonies


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(Article by Rachel Dillin at The Inquisitr News)


The search for life throughout the solar system remains one of the most intriguing possibilities for humanity, but so far, the search yielded no measurable results. One scientist believes he knows the reason why — alien killer robots.

While it might sound like the name of a science fiction movie or a fresh new video game, The Daily Mail reports that theoretical physicist Alexander Berezin of the National Research University of Electronic Technology in Russia believes such artificial intelligence is why humans haven’t found extraterrestrial life.

Berezin’s alien killer robots theory explains the “Fermi paradox,” which gets its name from physicist Enrico Fermi. The paradox exists because of the high likelihood that there is alien life somewhere in the universe, and yet, there’s no proof so far that such life exists, according to a Metro report.

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