SciFi CoverArt


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Here's an index of sci-fi cover art

  1. Click on the first letter of the magazine title in the left hand navigation bar
  2. That will take you to the section of the index in which your magazine is located; look up the full title in the index. There may be more than one entry - look up "Science Fiction Monthly", for example
  3. If you are using a variant title, the index will tell you and will redirect you to the main title in use for that magazine
  4. Click on the link in the title code column (or in the notes, if it is a variant title); you will be taken to the introductory page for the title which has a short description of the magazine
  5. The navigation bar will now point you to the thumbnail index for that magazine. The exact form this takes depends on the length of the magazine's run. If there were only a few issues, the thumbnails will be included on the introduction page. For longer runs, there will be one or more separate thumbnail pages and the navigation bar will show an index by date or issue number.
  6. Click on the thumbnail for the issue you are interested in and you will get a larger image.



Code Monkey
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Skwirl, you're back!

I've always loved sci-fi/fantasy cover art pieces... often the cover alone would be enough to make me pick up a book. It seems like artwork for literature has the same problem as art work for albums, a lot of people don't really appreciate it.


Creative Writer
the artwork on a book is important in one way to me, it suggests thought and money has gone into a books selling power.

however, i read the back and the inside to get a grasp of the storyline and thats how i decide whether to read a book! as i read so much usually i used to get a lot from the library and the hardback covers of the old school scifi books are frequently simply 3D letters which didn't put me off in the least.