SciFi & Fantasy Faces


An Old Friend
Here's some SciFi & Fantasy names you may or may-not recognize. To name a few Actors and Actresses:
Karen Allen- She fell in love with a StarMan, Had a Scrooged Christmas and battled a Ghost in the Machine! To name a few.
Alan Arkin- He had a stint with Rocketeers and came down with a case of Gattaca
Morris Ankrum- He defended the Earth vs Flying Saucers from the RocketShip X-M. He also tackled Invaders From Mars.
James Arness-
At 6'6" Them ants are still huge! He Vegged out as a Thing for a while too.
Drew Barrymore- Born in 75 she met ET and had a bout as a FireStarter until she had to Scream about her Altered States.
Belinda Bauer- RoboCop2 was involved with a TimeRider
Ernest Borgnine- He was in a Black Hole and had to Escape from New York and ended up in Gattaca.
Roscoe Lee Brown- He did a Logan's Run for Moon 44.
Yul Brynner- Ole baldie, The King and I, conquered WestWorld to make a better FutureWorld.
Bruce Campbell- When the EvilDead brought their Army of Darkness to the Congo, Bruce set a MoonTrap using a MindWarp to turn them into WaxWork 2. One of the Greats!
James Caan- The GodFather brought an Alien Nation down with a RollerBall. He used an Eraser to CountDown the end of Dick Tracy.
Veronica Cartwright- She was in The Flight of the Navigator, Alien and Invasion of the Body Snatchers to name a few.
Sean Connery- One of my favorite actors, He did HighLander, LXG, Time Bandits, voiced a DragonHeart and broke out of The Rock to name a few. One of the Greats. He was first a body builder.
Peter Coyote- He experianced ET as a Time Bandit
Lindsay Crouse- She had Communion with an IceMan while Being Human.
Timothy Dalton- Flash Gordon and The Rocketeer teamed up and had him Bonded.
Geena Davis- After her husband turned into The Fly she blew a Last Kiss Goodnight to the Hero and sat down with some BeetleJuice because Earth Girls are Easy.
Bruce Dern- Silently Running through the Burbs in a World Gone Wild.
James Doohan- Carried his Loaded Weapon once he lined up All the Pretty Maids in a Row he set off for the stars. Oh Yeah, I think there was a short stint with StarTrek but I can't be sure.
Faye Dunaway-Supergirl once told her the Handmaid's Tale.
Charles Durning- He did a Final Countdown to Project Alien.
Emilio Estevez- ACDC rocked him into Maximum Overdrive as a Freejack.
Maurice Evans- He went to the Planet of the Apes to be with Rosemary's Baby Beneath the Planet of the Apes.
Harrison Ford- He's a BladeRunner who went off to fight in the StarWars. One of the Greats. He is a favorite of mine too!
Michael J. Fox- The TeenWolf went Back to the Future as Doc Hollywood.
Mel Gibson- MadMax became Forever Young being a Road Warrior
Jeff Goldblum- He found out Earth Girls are Easy when he went to Jurassik Park to celebrate his Independance Day from The Fly called Buckaroo Banzai
Linda Hamilton- She went to Dante's Peak in search of Mr Destiny and found The Terminator twice.
Rutger Hauer- In a DeadLock this Blade Runner took a Split Second to turn into Blind Fury.
Lance Henriksen- One of the Greats! This Stone Cold actor once had Close Encounters of the Third Kind with Aliens that wore PumpinHeads to give you Nightmares.
Charlton Heston-Rising from Beneath the Planet of the Apes he found a Dark City where he stepped in Soylent Green and ended up as The Omega Man. Also one of my favorites he is One of the Greats!
John Hurt-He once contacted an Alien back in 1984 to Contact the Heaven's Gate about Frankenstien Unbound on the Midnight Express.
Michael Ironside- He had Total Recall with the Top Gun's Scanners about Starship Troopers and the Highlander 2.
Peter Jason- He stole Brewster's Millions from the Alien Nation and brought the Prince of Darkness to where They Live.
Richard Jordan- He once tripped over a Dune while making a Logan's Run in the Hunt for Red October.
DeForrest Kelley- There is speculation he could have had something to do with StarTrek. He did Fear the Night when he got into a Gunfight with a Warlock in the House of Bamboo.
Harvey Keitel- He took Mother,Jugs & Speed to Saturn3 in search of the Star Knight with Bad Timing and Exposed little Fingers. Another Great!
Margot Kidder- She saw Superman in a Trenchcoat when it was 92 In the Shade and that Maverick went down in history as The Amityville Horror!
Walter Koenig- Once during a StarTrek he got stuck in a MoonTrap.
Yaphet Kotto- Across 110th Street we once saw this Running Man trying to evade an Alien which emerged from The Star Chamber.
Christopher Lambert- From his Fortress in the Subway he watched The Highlander used his Night Moves in an attempt To Kill A Priest but The Sicilian used LoveSongs to save The Hunted.
John Lithgow-In 2010 he saw Buckaroo Bansai sucessfully Raising Cain at the Gltter Dome. Another Great!
Christopher Lloyd- Another favorite Great! He, The PageMaster and Buckaroo Bansai once saw One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest on a StarTrek 3 times Back to the Future.
Dolph Lundgren- I Come in Peace the Master of The Universe said as he pounded on the Universal Soldier with a BlackJack.
Hugh Marlowe-The Last Shot You Hear will be the Earth vs The Flying Saucers at Twelve O'Clock High on The Day the Earth Stood Still.
James Mason- He took a Journey to the Center of the Earth from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea on a Secret Mission for The Wicked Lady.
Roddy McDowall- He once met The Cat From OuterSpace on the Planet of the Apes while reading The Martian Chronicles on a Fright Night during The Dead of Winter. Another Great!
Rick Moranis-When he proclaimed HONEY-I Shrunk the Kids she kicked his SpaceBalls down the Streets of Fire and into The Little Shop of Horrors! Another Great!
Nichelle Nichols- This singer took a StarTrek to see Mister Buddwing.
Leonard Nimoy-I met this gentleman in Pennsylvania on a lecture tour at Thiel College. He will Never Forget eating Rhubarb on The Balcony and watching Satan's Satellites begin their StarTrek into the Valley of Mystery. Another Favorite.
Gary Oldman- He once got Lost in Space while chasing The 5th Element.
Dan O'Herlihy- He and RoboCop once met The Last Starfighter.
Walter Pidgeon- Best known for his trip to The Forbidden Planet where he made a Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Another Great!
Christopher Plummer- His Dreamscape of The Sound of Music caused 12 Monkeys to take a StarTrek 6 times.
Bill Pullman-He once stopped Ruthless People from rubbing their Spaceballs on your face While You Were Sleeping on Independance Day.
Kurt Russell- During an Escape From New York he watched The Thing kill a Soldier near the Stargate.
Keanu Reeves- He read about Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure into the Matrix.
Arnold Schwarzenegger- Another Great! And a Favorite! He had Total Recall of the Predator killing the Terminator with an Eraser.
William Shatner- He took a StarTrek to the Kingdom of Spiders where a Big Bad Moma knocked him into the Land of No Return with a Loaded Weapon she got from The Brothers Karamazov.
Martin Sheen-