SciFi & Fantasy Game List game


An Old Friend
Objective: To create a list of ALL the scifi and fantasy themed COMPUTER games ever released.

There can be no repeat titles posted-
Links to websites and demos allowed-
Screenshots allowed
discussion on previous games should be generated as a new post under that games title
each game in a series can be included in one post or broken into separate posts.

I will start:

Serious Sam 1 & 2-


one - demo

two - demo

NOONE Wants to Play?

here's one


Kill mutants with kool weapons both on foot and in cars/tanks
The HoverTank is really kool!
The mad max style buggies are fun to drive
The red sixers are gross
Red Faction- one

Nice FPS adventure on Mars
Kool weapons that affect the environment (Blast holes in the rock walls to make tunnels)
Throw an explosive charge on an enemy and watch him run around screaming before he blows up)
Covert operations
Drive and Fly different vehicles- (Flying fighter, Submarine, Armored vehicle)
Swim, climb and sniper
Rail gun- handheld