Sci-Fi SciFi Fight Club: Buck Rogers VS Flash Gordon

Who would win: Buck Rogers VS Flash Gordon

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An Old Friend
Its been awhile since I watched either of these shows. Who would win?

Buck Rogers had cleaner technology but Flash Gordon always seemed to win in the end.
Plus, Buck had to deal with Tweekie "beady,beady,beady" which puts him at a disadvantage.

I usually try to cast my choice immediately but this one is difficult for me.
Buck relies on technology where Flash relies on ingenuity.

It will be interesting to see who the victor is and the comments that support it.
For the sake of fairness - Flash and his crew are timeported to the 25th century.


Code Monkey
Staff member
I'd have to go with Buck Rogers because in the end, though they both had physical strength & agility, I think Buck would've come out on top in mental prowess.