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How come we don't see much of sicfi online, granted it's tough to make some good SFX on a youtube video budget, but there are surely some graphic novels or short projects that we could be enjoying.


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I've posted a suggestion that we create a webtv child forum on here for people to post everything they find. I'm sure there are lots of people producing material, of varying quality, but it needs to be published, spread around and sampled.

Ideally, any original material (ie. not fanfiction) needs a specific area to collect them all in. I'm sure a number of those creating the material do it now as a hobby, and later on will get the training, funding, etc to be the producers of the future and so their work needs support, feedback and generally entertaining fans out there who can get hold of some edgy stuff outside of the traditional Hollywood pathways.


I also like sci-fi shows very much. I have watched many sci-fi series like Law and order, Fringe, Doctor who and so many....
Actually I like these kind of series because they gives some very good knowledge to us. My most favorite sci-fi show is Fringe. This time Fringe Season 3 is running and it is wonderful.... I am watching it from its beginning and I am huge fan of this program.
There are tons available

If you are looking for webseries try

From this site I recommend Frontier: Prelude to Darkness (an animated series currently at 13 episodes). Give it a chance and you won't be disappointed, I consider it among some of the best indie sci fi content on the internet that isn't just a 2 minute short film. I consider this person kind of a role model as to what I wish to accomplish with my own series.


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I've posted a suggestion that we create a webtv child forum on here for people to post everything they find....
I did see that but forgot to circle back to it. :(

Come up with the exact name it should be called, and what parent forum it should belong to, and I'll make sure it gets created. :smiley:


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Guys and Girls! We now have a new child forum in the Television forum, named Webisodes. There we can collate all the interest large and small series that are disseminated via the web. No longer will we be heavily restricted to the mainstream stuff.
That's exactly what I've been trying to find for awhile (besides my own creation).

Have you visited the Alpha Universe: The Origin Saga? We provide daily content and are trying to rekindle the science fiction genre again.
I like sci-fi shows very much and I have watched sci-fi series like Law and order and I find this novel interesting. I like these kind of series because it gives me knowledge when it comes to this concept. Every person has its own likes and this sci-fi shows attracts me so much.
Thanks for the recomendations on the sites! There great!! I also agree that there are so many shows on TV that have an educational aspect. Entertaining and educational... I like it.