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An Old Friend
SciFi is a very close second but I have noticed my Novels tend to lean to fantasy while my shorts are leading to SciFi.


Code Monkey
Staff member
Even though I read a lot of sci-fi my actual collection tends to be more fantasy/horror and mystery type novels. For 'popcorn' reading I also like to read spy thrillers and military novels (eg: Clancy).


Code Monkey
Staff member
fantasylvr said:
as my screen name implies i love fantasy.I got into reading at the age of 9 and have never stopped.
I can relate.... I got in trouble with my teachers in early grades (around 4th or 5th) because I was reading stuff like LOTR while everybody else was reading stuff like "The Hardy Boys Choose-Your-Own Mysteries" -- I actually ended up having to get a form signed by my Mom saying that it was OK for me to choose & read what my own selections.


An Old Friend
I used to read The Executioner in school, During Class
I knew a lot of targets but never acted on it. Teachers thought it was good I was reading on my own.
I read alot of star wars novels when I was younger but I mostly stick to fantasy now so its prety even.... but if you add in my favorite book Ender's game and that series the Sci Fi wins out but just barly.
There are a few fantasy series that I like, but I am picky when it comes to fantasy. The whole series has to be good for me to own them.

Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, and The Sword of Truth are the fantasy series I own. If anyone knows of a fantasy series that are comparable to these, please let me know. Don't bother mentioning The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan, as I tried to read it, got through four books, and gave up because I simply could not figure out why other people enjoy this series.

I definitely own a lot more sci-fi books than fantasy, some are a series, some are single books.


The Big Cheese
My collection consists of mostly magazines. My issues date back to 1976 for Analog and F&SF, as well as Galaxy while it was still publishing in the 70's. As for books I only save my favorites, the rest go to the used book store.