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Are you Currently or have you Previously Written SciFi Stories or books?

  • Yes, I am an Active SciFi Writer with Published Work

    Votes: 1 10.0%
  • Yes, I have written or am currently writing SciFi Never published

    Votes: 3 30.0%
  • I dabble occassionally, Never serious tho

    Votes: 3 30.0%
  • I don't compose SciFi

    Votes: 3 30.0%
  • I create SciFi in other ways

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • I thought SciFi was only in the movies?

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An Old Friend
I often wanted to compose a SciFi story or book but I lose track and interest in composing. Sometimes I have elements I have read in my stories and when I remember reading that element I feel like if I were to continue I would need the original authors permission, Not thinking I am worthy, Story goes into the trash.
I'm curious how many members actually dabble in writing Sci-fi. This poll is just a general curiosity, It's also my first one here.
It has been so long since i've done any writing, but i used to enjoy it alot. i'm new here and am having a little trouble navigating around is nice to see that other people enjoy the same movies/books/shows that i do.thank you


Creative Writer
i have 2 short shorts and a teaser chapter for a novel i keep trying to write published on websites for free, to contribute to the communities, but not published as a career, for money.

i told my current english teacher that by the end of this educational year i will have a "books worth of short stories in the scifi genre proofed as if for publication" and i intend to stand by my word (of course!)

i did write a novellete back 14 years ago, but the writing was naive due to my age and life experience. ten years later i read Hubbards Battlefield Earth for the first time and my heart sank as i realised the world, characters and a key part of my storyline was very, very similar. i had written my story some 6 years after he wrote the book and so i can't claim i had the ideas first!!

i write when i am in the mood, have about 7 to 8 short story ideas, characters, etc, planned out. just have to put them down fully as stories. i'll post them as i do them, i don't expect to publish them for money at this stage, so as long as i don't take any benefits for them, if they do sell in the future, i can still legally sell them!
You can read some of my writing here. That was a Star Trek fic, we're actually writing more, that is 'episode one'.

It was a colloborative effort but anything from the perspective of 'Commander John Mountbatten' is written by me. I love writing sci fi and am currently about 98 pages into my own 'novel' if you will, set in an alternate medieval timeline with a twist of sci fi- obviously I cant say more as I intend for it to be published later ;)


An Old Friend
Thanx I added StarTrek Demon to my Ebook folder and I look forward to reading it. Did you see my idea for a new StarTrek TV show? Right up your alley!


Everywhere i go i find skwirlinator has already passed through - use his links alot - especially for research on current story/plot lines. However, is anyone producing artwork by traditional methods, digital or both?


Code Monkey
Staff member
Hayden, welcome to Cool SciFi! :welcome:

Yeah, Skwirlinator is definitely a busy guy. I'm happy that he's chosen to be part of our community here. :cool:


Code Monkey
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jamfink said:
I have just published a novel Robot Soul ( You can follow the link and the publisher is accepting submissions. He also ghostwrites or tutors you.

My advice is just to write and write and write. The difficult part is to actually get people to notice your creation.

I just noticed the poll results so far.... shouldn't you have picked the first choice? ;)