Screenwriter wants opinions on futuristic "hazmat" suit

Hey guys,

I am wondering if I can pick your collective brain for a visual decision I have to make for a screenplay. The scenario is that a counterterrorism team has been called to what is suspected to be a biological attack of some kind. The CT team show up in hazmat suits, but since this is hundreds of years in the future from now, these will definitely NOT be the dorky looking, bulky things they use today. I've thought of a few possibilities, and I'm wondering what you think would be cooler to see.

One other note: the way the scene was originally written -- before the change that makes the hazmat suits necessary -- one member of the team, a woman named Sanchez, smooths down the hair of the team leader (Joe) before they head into the building where the event occurred. It's a moment that establishes a touch of humanity/vulnerability in a guy who is otherwise is pretty ultra-cool. As you'll see, this moment doesn't work so well with some of the hazmat suit designs.

Anyway, here are the three ideas I have so far -- please let me know which you like best and why!


1. Cool-looking, high-tech, body armor style -- close-fitting, black, with helmet and transparent face shield. When they get the “all clear”, they take off their helmets, and the chest plate splits open and detaches from the waist to become more of a jacket. Pros: Good look, identifiable as secure, cool how it transforms into jacket. Cons: don’t get to see actors’ faces until they remove their helmets (problematic). Don’t get scene with Sanchez smoothing down Joe’s hair.

2. Energy field “shield”. This would be a subtle but visible electrical-looking field running over the surface of the team members’ skin and clothing. A clip-on device on the front of their belts turns it on and off. Pros: We can see the actors clearly right away. We can still have Sanchez fix Joe’s hair. Very futuristic in concept. Cool little visual when Sanchez’s field and Joe’s fields touch each other…glowing neon interaction zone. Cons: Doesn’t have the ‘armor’ look, which can be cool. Maybe harder to recognize/believe?

3. Combine the two above, so that you have the suit, but no helmet – just a glowing field around the head that is generated from the collar of the suit.


Thanks for your help!