SD-1 Refugees


Mar 15, 2004
I am sad that it's gone, but I guess it had to happen eventually. I wish we could have had a little more notice but I think the way things went down has actually had a positive effect. It has caused a lot of us to search for one another and make an effort to stay together. Plus now we get to check out all these different sites and make new friends!! I think it just goes to prove that even though the networks think shows are 'just shows' they are really much more than that. The sense of community that ALIAS and SD-1 created will live on much longer than any network exec could have ever thought possible!! ;)


Aug 16, 2005
If it wasn't for the hacker, I don't think SD-1 would've ever been taken down unless the owner couldn't afford to keep it running. I could never understand how someone can get their "kicks" out of ruining another person's day.....

I am sad that it's gone, but I guess it had to happen eventually.
I hate mondays....means i have class, and everything Brennan says is a piss up
Ya ha she is so hilarious and every thing Booth says is just hot :drool: now where is my bucket lol.
Have you talked to your people will be employed to read over each to ensure that the details are right ??? and i get to walk around after DB and feeling his big and other parts lol.


Nov 13, 2004
Yeay! A refugee place for sd-1'ers! :LOL:

I feel like a stranger in a foreign land. :bag:

:hi: Kiwi! :hug:


Nov 27, 2003
Aren't you Tracie, the woman that I made Darth Grunberg and Darth Weiss photofakes for?

The pictures exist at AllAlias still. I always wondered if Greg ever got to see the pictures. :D

I am, and you did, and I don't know. :LOL: I hope he did see them because I'm sure he would have laughed out loud at them.


Nov 27, 2003
Yes it is. :) How often do you approve members? I am still waiting...

Just a FYI at the BS board, you do need to register. Also make sure to validate your membership so you can post. several have not clicked on their link that comes via email.
Just in case: Edited to remove any excessive mention of other boards/websites per the management's request PM sent instead.


May 1, 2006
R.I.P sd-1 :(
I'm confused I thought it was just being moved to a new server :unsure:. And from then on posting was only allowed in the fanart and fanfic sections? Did something change?

Also what is creative-wonderland? Another Alias message board? I mean from the url it sounds like it could be something for creativity like writing or art or for discussion of Alias fanfart and fanfic. :unsure:

Also I hope this isn't an obssessive mention of other sites (it doesn't seem so??) if it is I apologize and I can delete this entry.
Dec 5, 2006
No that hasn't changed that I know of and according to the LJ. SD-1 is just changing servers and all that will remain is the fanfic and fanart. I guess there is some CHANCE that it could change sometime down the road though.


Aug 28, 2007
Hey all ! Hopefully I'll get some responses here since nobody seemed to recognize me or were reluctant to post in my introduction thread. Or something. :shamefullyembarrased:

To those who are oblivious as to who I was, I called myself NightRain on forums (shortened to EnAr [NR] here).
You probably still won't know or recognize me because I was posting invisibly-- like I'm doing now. LOL..
I was one of the oldest members there ~ 5 years. ;) :o How time flew by !! I was there when the site was young, if you will. Had some great times there. I just stumbled across that site because I was an Alias fanatic. I still am but I haven't collected the bulk set DVD's

Anyway, back to now. I'm glad to have joined here and I do recognize some of you by your same usernames.
My new addiction is 'Heroes' as you can see by my signature. ::gives two thumbs up:::

Hopefully I haven't destroyed this thread and won't be alone here.......???

:: runs, hides, but peeks out to see who will post...::: :whistle:

PS: Thanks to Luvmekickboxers for referring this site to me. :D


I'll see you all later...
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