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Discussion in 'General' started by AliasDog, Jun 15, 2003.

  1. AliasDog

    AliasDog Rocket Ranger

    May 22, 2003
    Pacific Grove, CA

    VAUGHN: They asked me to come back, to explain...
    SYD: Come back from what? Vaughn...why are you wearing that ring?
    VAUGHN: Syd...since that night...you were missing...(sniffs) you've been missing for almost two years...

    SYD: Vaughn, what are you talking about? My identification code is the same! Francie is the double! That all happened yesterday...or, wait, maybe...
    VAUGHN: Then explain the different shirt!

    (Sydney pauses for a second, and looks down at her shirt, and then looks back up at Vaughn)

    VAUGHN: Syd...this is too awkward. I've...gotta go.
    SYD: Where? Where do you have to go? Vaughn...I have no recollection of what has happened lately.
    VAUGHN: (Almost closes the warehouse door, but stops) I know what you mean.
    SYD: What...?
    VAUGHN: I'd forget that husband of yours too if I were you.

    (Vaughn walks out, very sad and angry. Syd looks down at her finger, on her left hand, and sure enough...is a 6-karat diamond clinging to her ring finger.)

    A L I A S
    E p i s o d e 1 : R E M E M B E R M E

    (Syd walks into the airport, now knowing what's going on. She finds a line for the US. Syd walks up and starts talking to the person behind the desk.)
    SYD: (Translating) One ticket for the United States.
    LADY: That'll be $83.69.

    (Syd tilts her head back, not believing the day she is having. She feels something in her pocket. She pulls out...a wallet, filled with about $500 cash. Paying the lady, she goes over and sits in the US plane's waiting room. As she looks around, she sees the cubicle for Ireland, and sees Vaughn, Weiss, and other CIA operatives she remembers. Syd gets up and starts to walk back when the P.A. announces:)

    P.A.: All boarding for the 8:47 plane back to the U.S. Last call for U.S.

    (Syd hesitates, and looks at Vaughn. Then she remembers the conversation in the warehouse earlier. Angry, Syd walks without hesitation to the plane and boards immediately.)

    Syd walks into the CIA, and barely expects what she sees.

    EVERYBODY is staring at her. Syd feels lost and cold. Kendall comes up.

    KENDALL: Agent Bristow, we need you to go to confirmation immediately, and then we need you to come to the debriefing for the Sloane Ireland mission.

    Sydney looks at him in disbelief, as he is treating her like she hasn't been gone for apparently two years.

    After confirmation, Syd goes to the debriefing room, but then decides against it. She would need to take a week off.

    Walking out, Syd is absolutely disgusted with the way she was just treated at the CIA.

    O N E W E E K L A T E R

    Syd gathers up her spirits and walks into the main meeting room. Right as she sits down, the meeting starts.

    KENDALL: You may have known about our little incident in Ireland last week. However, Sloane was almost caught. Agent Connoway has a few words to say. Connoway?

    CONNOWAY: Right, um, what we did was we took over all floors of the building, and we almost caught Sloane. What we should do next time is that we should get more agents and surround the building. Have airborne surveillance, lock down all security doors, the whole seven yards.

    AGENT RONALDS: Uh, that's nine.
    CONNOWAY: What?
    RONALDS: The whole nine yards.
    CONNOWAY: Anyway, it depends on where we are. But there you go.

    KENDALL: Anyway, so that was our whole meeting. But I'd like to take a moment to welcome back Sydney. She's been away from the CIA for about 2 years, and it's good to have her back. Speaking of Bristow, we found a suspect of observation while we invaded the building. Jack, your interrogation.

    Jack looks up at Kendall, surprised. He goes into the office and sees...a little boy. About 12 years old. Jack sits down and is ready to grin and bear it.

    JACK: Name?
    BOY: Keith.
    JACK: Keith what?
    KEITH: Forget...I've been orphaned for a year.
    JACK: Reason for mother's decease?
    KEITH: Car crash. Car careened over a bridge.
    JACK: Age?
    KEITH: You people ask for women's age?
    JACK: Security reasons.
    KEITH: (Sighs) 47.
    JACK: Reason for father's decease?
    KEITH: He was murdered.
    JACK: Father's last name?
    KEITH: Uh...I forget...

    Jack starts to get kind of angry.

    JACK: Why don't you tell me your last name, Keith?
    KEITH: I've been abandoned for 2 years! I've made up my own name? I just barely know anything from my past. All I know about is my father. He sold...no, he exported airplane parts.
    (Jack looks up, interested, because he had used that same excuse with Sydney for the CIA and SD-6.)
    JACK: And...what was your father's name?
    KEITH: ...it...was...Haladki...yeah...my dad's name was Steven Haladki.

    That's the person who Jack murdered in the Season 1 finale. (That's the reason for the name of this episode)

    Syd walks out of the CIA, when Kendall calls out, "Agent Vaughn!" Syd then knows that Vaughn is right behind her and is trying to talk to her. "Agent Vaughn!" Syd keeps walking faster. "Agent Vaughn!" Syd stops.

    SYD: Vaughn, just talk to Kendall for a minute.

    She turns around, but Kendall is looking straight at her.

    KENDALL: Agent Vaughn! Welcome back to the CIA.

    SYD: What? I'm Bristow...

    KENDALL: Come on now, don't forget your marriage...

    SYD: But you called me Bristow...
    KENDALL: Well, you and your dad are related, right?

    Syd stops for a second.

    SYD: Excuse me!!!

    Syd runs to find Vaughn. As she's running she goes through the conversation they had at the safehouse.

    VAUGHN: Syd...this is too awkward. I've...gotta go.
    SYD: Where? Where do you have to go? Vaughn...I have no recollection of what has happened lately.
    VAUGHN: (Almost closes the warehouse door, but stops) I know what you mean.
    SYD: What...?
    VAUGHN: I'd forget that husband of yours too if I were you.

    Vaughn walks out, very sad and angry.

    She runs up to Vaughn. Now she knows why he was mad.

    SYD: Vaughn, I'm sorry...I just...I didn't...

    Vaughn kisses her passionately. EVERYTHING'S EVERYTHING AGAIN! YEAH!!!

    A L I A S


    Next time on A L I A S

    Sydney meets up with Will, and explains her marriage. Meanwhile, there is a huge betrayal in the CIA...Keith finds his father's murderer, and Vaughn comes face-to-face with Sloane.
  2. liliana

    liliana Rocket Ranger

    Jan 8, 2003
    South Africa
    hi great episode I like how Sydney is married thats funny kinda in a way.
  3. SD6Agent24

    SD6Agent24 Rocket Ranger

    Jun 2, 2003
    I like how you slipped in the 8:47 in there.
  4. SydVaughn1001

    SydVaughn1001 Rocket Ranger

    Feb 27, 2003
    New York
    This is good so far. So Syd and Vaughn are married - how the heck did that happen?
  5. vaughnmyangel

    vaughnmyangel Rocket Ranger

    Jan 4, 2003
    i reallly like that!!!!!!!! it is soooo g oood!
  6. *SPYnish*

    *SPYnish* Rocket Ranger

    Mar 16, 2003
    It´s very Good, I like that Syd & Vaughn are married :woot:

  7. bristow_syd

    bristow_syd Ensign

    Jun 17, 2003
    Oh! I liked this. I wish something like this happened in the third season... but unfortunately, deep in my heart, I know that it's not gonna be so easy! But I loved the story, anyway. Good one! U can always continue it for our poor souls to see that Vaughn and Syd are still together! Please, PM if u update, OK? Thnxs
  8. Chanel

    Chanel Rocket Ranger

    Feb 26, 2003
    wow thaty was good. i wish it was like that in alias really....

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