Season 5 Season 3 Season Finale

Mar 22, 2004
Hi there peoples, I think that if the thing where Vaughn finds out that his dad's alive would be utterly hysterical. however, knowing JJ, that's something he might do. I personaly think that what they should do is have Sydney marry Vaughn, but thats just wishful thinking, aint it? ^_^ hopefully its suspensing, however, then that's drive me insane!!


Feb 28, 2003
therealmrsvaughn said:
I think Vaughn and Syd find out Lauren is evil before the finale, and during the finale, Syd and Lauren duke it out...Lauren has the upperhand and is about to kill Syd when Vaughn stabs her, and she dies. Then Vaughn looks at Syd and says he loves her and wants to be with her forever. they reconcile and get married...and have lots of little vaughns running around. THE END.
well, how about instead of them getting married, the season finale has Vaugn saying how much he loves Sydney, he kneels down on one knee, and...CUT TO BLACK. END SEASON 3!! And then all the SV Shippers will go crazy and then next season comes...and Vaugnn's kneeling, and he says..."Sorry, my knee just went a little crazy there for a moment and I sort of fell. Now, where was I? telling you how much I loved you..." And then he goes on to tell her he loves her, but they can never be together...etc!
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