Season 4 - FALL!

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Mar 22, 2004
On Tuesday, ABC unveiled its fall lineup. The bottom line: Drama is king. All of the comedies ABC introduced this year, except for Hope and Faith, are expected to be canceled.

The third-ranked network is set to launch four new shows in the fall, including David E. Kelly's The Practice: Fleet Street, the successor series to his long-running legal hit, with James Spader taking his role of lawyer Alan Shore from the old show to the spinoff. William Shatner will also be added to the cast, reports The New York Times.

The other dramas include Desperate Housewives, from the producers of Melrose Place; the teen drama Life As We Know It and Lost, an action adventure series from JJ Abrams, the creator of Alias, which was the last drama to find success on ABC.

The critically lauded series, which debuted in 2001 and stars Jennifer Garner, will be back for its fourth season this fall – despite tepid ratings.

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