Seconds Away


<span style='font-size:12pt;line-height:100%'>Chapter 1 ~ Seconds Away

<span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'>Summary ~ Fic based on song 'Seconds Away' by Amy Studt. A sequel to L'Arazzo Di Tempo What happens next??? Who is it at the door???</span>

<span style='font-size:10pt;line-height:100%'>Disclaimer ~ None of these character are mine, they are owned by Touchstone, Bad Robot and JJ.Abrams. I just write about them because I've become addicted!

Dedication ~ To all my reviewers who demanded and begged me to write a sequel! Your wish is my command.

A/N ~ Thanks to everyone who read and reviewed L'arazzo di tempo, it was the first fanfic I ever wrote, so I wasn't sure anyone would like it -_- I hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it! ^_^ So without me blabbing on further, I'd like to present the sequel to L'arazzo di tempo ~ Seconds Away! :smiley: </span>

<span style='font-size:9pt;line-height:100%'>---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sydney sat in a hospital somewhere in LA, waiting patiently for her love. She sat with him, tightly gripping his hand; she would never let him go. The doctors had told her that his injuries were severe and that there were 50/50 chances. She didn’t believe that he would leave; he was one of those people who held dearly onto life, even if it was for Sydney. She rested on his chest and soon went into a daydream, for she couldn’t go to sleep, he needed her to be there completely.

Flashback , Sydney’s point of view

I rushed to the door, I was excited, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to take disappointment, I would most like break and fall to where I could not be reached. I quickly swung the door open, I had stayed up all night for this, it had to be him. I looked through the door, the first thing I saw was a black suitcase and I then knew it had to be him, I remembered in one of my loops, he had a black suitcase when he came here. That moment seemed to last for ever, I felt like I couldn’t move my neck up straight to let my eyes see who it was. But it was too late I wouldn’t identify this man by sight.
“Syd?” He asked calmly and softy, so I knew who it was automatically and I managed to break my paralysis.
I saw him, I was grateful to see those green eyes again and of course I’m not forgetting those uncontrollable eyebrows of his. I suddenly had an overwhelming urge to run into his arms and therefore I did exactly that, I didn’t usually let my feelings get control of me but when it came down to this guy I couldn’t help it.
“Vaughn” It sounded more like a deceleration than anything else.
“Yes Syd” He spoke.
It hit me that it was actually him and not one of my dreams, I burst open, tears ran from my eyes and I swelled up like a prune. We stayed there for the next five minutes, me just holding onto him, like he was the edge of life.
“Sydney?” He asked, maybe he thought I was a dream.
“Yes” I answered not really paying attention to the fact we were in public.
“I hate to ask the obvious, but can I come in?” He said with a grin on his face.
“Yes, it wasn’t as if I was going to say no” I exclaimed light heartedly.

We had gone straight inside after I had said that, we had sat on my sofa.
“Sorry about that” I apologized, “Would you like a drink or maybe something to eat”
“No thank you” Vaughn said grabbing my hand before I was able to get up, “Stay here”
“Vaughn don’t, I …”I tried to say but I was interrupted.
“I’m divorcing her” He said flatly, with a bit of disappointment in his voice, but at the same time I felt that he sounded happy.
“Why?” I asked as if it wasn’t completely obvious.
“Because I don’t love her …” He paused, waiting for the right moment, “Because I love you, and in my heart you’re the one”
My heart was racing, even though I had heard him say these things in the loop I was stuck in, it was different to hear them here, where there were consequences and it would be real. A tears flowed from my eyes once more, I felt like a wreck.
“I can’t lose you, I can’t live without you anymore, I just love you” Vaughn continued, he felt he should comfort Sydney but wanted to say what he was saying.
I composed myself and stopped crying for a minute, it looked like he was waiting for a response, an indication that I felt the same way.
“I love you too, I always knew there was something about you, something that made it me feel at ease, I could trust, and you became necessary, I just love you” I replied trying to say something complicated but it was just very simple really.
All our emotions for one another welled up inside a kiss, I couldn’t believe that he had come back, it had happened in the loops but this was different, she was sure she’d wake to find herself tucked up in bed any second.

The fact that I was right seemed very ironic, my head was propped up on some pillows and my feet were snuggled up in my duvet. I cried for a moment knowing it was all a dream, but it seemed so real, I could remember it so well. I heard a noise, suddenly my bedroom door opened and someone stumbled in. I felt threatened, who was this person, I kept asking myself. They were carrying a tray with a glass of some liquid on it, possibly poison, there was also some food on a plate, probably poisoned too. The person dumped the tray down on the end table next to my bed. They then sat next to me on my bed and began to stroke my hair, I suddenly noticed who it was, it was him, it was Vaughn. I kissed his hand as it strokes my face gently, Vaughn noticed this and leant in to kiss me, but he stopped and looked at me closely.
“What’s the matter?” He asked brushing the tears I had cried from my face.
“I woke up and I thought that it had been a dream!” I exclaimed with undeniable happiness knowing that I was wrong.
“Oh I’m sorry, it’s just you feel asleep after we talked yesterday, so I put you to bed and watched you sleep” Vaughn replied with a look of guilt written across his face.
“It’s fine, thank you” I answered trying to reassure him, “I’m glad you’re here, I’m finally home”
He looked at me for a second, I’m not sure he understood at first that I felt my home was with him but after a minute or so my favourite grin appeared upon his face.
“I am too, I love you” It seemed as if he just loved to say that, see how it fitted on to his tongue, to say that he loved me.
“I love you too” I smiled it was infectious, “So you made me breakfast!”
“I thought I might be able to bribe you to let me stay today” Vaughn teased me; I could see it in his eyes.
“How about forever?” I asked him.
“Oh, I don’t know about that Bristow” He laughed, “I might have to make many more meals to trade for that deal”
I couldn’t deprive myself any longer I reached up to him and kissed him. He enjoyed teasing me I could see it. I think that was probably the best morning of my life, we stayed in bed for ages, I felt so lazy, but I could tell Vaughn wasn’t bothered by it.

It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining down on us and it was relatively hot for the time of the year. Vaughn told me that Lauren was away on a trip, that he had left a message on her phone saying that they needed to talk as soon as she got back, he also told me that he would tell her that it was over and that he was sorry. I felt sorry for Lauren a bit, even though I disliked her greatly, their marriage had been a waste of time and for that I did feel sorry for her.

Apart from that conversation me and Vaughn had left the subject of Lauren and their divorce well alone. We had gone to the beach that day; Vaughn seemed surprised about how far my home was away from the beach, my home with Vaughn. Much to Vaughn’s dismay he had fallen asleep on the beach, which gave me chance to do an irresistible action. I buried him in sand quietly so not to wake him from his slumber. I had the greatest laugh when he awoke to find himself deep in the sand, he hadn’t found it hilarious but did see the funny side of it, which was a relief I didn’t want him to be cranky at me.
“You’d better be careful Bristow otherwise they’ll be no more meals which means no deal” He threatened playfully.
“It’s almost worth it just to see that look on your face again” I exclaimed joking, “Who am I kidding, no it isn’t”

That day was perfect, we were together and that was all that mattered, of course I wouldn’t have Lauren still being his wife but that was going to be sorted by the weekend. He stayed the night with me but insisted that he sleep on the sofa, so I agreed and slept there too. Being cuddled in his arms was my favourite part of going to sleep and waking up in the morning. I knew that tomorrow Vaughn had to meet Lauren and sort things out, I knew he would never agree to still having his wife. I just wondered how he was going to tell her; even though I really hate her I wouldn’t like it if he was really harsh on her. But the question I pondered on was whether he still loved her and it suddenly occurred to me that he wouldn’t get a divorce, he wouldn’t break the marriage vows should he still love her.
“I love you” He whispered to her kissing her forehead before he went to sleep.
“I love you too” I whispered back turning my head to kiss him back, at that moment I knew everything would be okay, it would turn out right, they would be together, they were soul mates.


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So are they in the hospital at the moment?

and I swelled up like a prune.
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<span style='font-size:12pt;line-height:100%'>Chapter 2 ~ Left Outside Alone

<span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'>Summary ~ What happened to Vaughn? Named after Anastacia song! Warning - A lot of Deja vu!</span>

<span style='font-size:10pt;line-height:100%'>A/N ~ So this is the next chapter, thanks to the people who reviewed last time, I hope you like this ^_^ Enjoy ;) Luv Sabella xxx :daisy:</span>

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<span style='font-size:9pt;line-height:100%'>---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Continued Flashback, Syd’s Point of View

I thought everything was perfect, well at least that day was. We had spent that day when Lauren was away together, doing things that normal couples do. I never understood why we try to be a normal couple, we aren’t a normal couple, and we never will be. What I mean to say is that most people don’t work for the US government as spies, how can you have a normal relationship, when we both have that hanging over our heads?

So anyway we had, well I had a great time over that day and I’m pretty sure Vaughn did to. Then Lauren inevitably came back from her trip the next day, Vaughn was all set to tell her the truth that it was over and that he loved me or at least was what he had said. But of course circumstance got in the way once again, I couldn’t believe that I had lost him again but I still had faith, I knew that Vaughn would eventually choose to leave Lauren. For when Vaughn had got to the restaurant and Lauren had shown up, he discovered that her father had been killed, I knew as soon as he had told me this that he would stay with Lauren, I knew that it was wrong for him to leave her just after her father had died. Still I was upset as you can imagine, I cried for hours, I couldn’t believe that I had lost him again. It was just typical!

As usual I had to go to work and face him that next week, I was sent on missions with him and I think that was the hardest part. He tried to talk to me several times but I couldn’t let him, I was so afraid I’d shatter or fall. The sight of him nearly put me to tears and I think he knew this.

On one of our missions was unbearable, we were chasing Sark and this other agent of the covenant. Anyway Sark had a gun to my head; Vaughn looked so worried and concerned. I remember Sark said “Drop the gun if you love her”, he did, Vaughn he dropped the gun, it broke my heart, I comprised his judgement, Sark escaped because of his love for me. And the thing that made me crazy was even though Sark got away because he admitted it we still couldn’t be together.

There was also the mission which he had almost died because there was a bomb on that plane. Sark was there too, he almost killed Vaughn. I lost control that day; I burst into tears in the middle of the parking lot. Surprisingly Vaughn had been there and saw me; he had rushed over and wiped the tears from me. But still it wasn’t enough, all that we had been through, the love we so obviously shared and he didn’t leave his wife till it was too late.

When we went to that Berlin nightclub I thought I saw Lauren, I thought I was imagining it but it looked so much like her, unfortunately I didn’t catch her. When I tried to tell Vaughn this he went nuts, he was so angry at me, he just would not believe it. I don’t think he took in a word I was saying. Then when he found out that she was actually covenant all along he was devastated, he hated himself for not believing me, it ruined him, it destroyed him I could see it. It was like my father had said it was like cancer I could see it taking over him, it had such a tight a grip on him that I couldn’t help him much, he was unreachable.

All those things that he did, how he tortured Dr.Lee, I couldn’t believe he had done it. This wasn’t my soul mate I didn’t know this person, it was Lauren Reed that had taken my soul mate away. He wanted revenge so badly, just like me when Sloane had killed Danny, I couldn’t take it. He made excuses for his actions about my sister, everything was done for my sister, Nadia but in fact it was done to find Lauren, it was all he could think about. It wasn’t about me anymore, I could have been killed because he ran off but luckily Nadia was there, he told me he would protect me, he wouldn’t let anybody harm me, but I thought that if it came down to it me or killing Lauren he would choose killing Lauren.

I couldn’t understand why my dad had leant him out those arms; he knew that Vaughn would just go after Lauren try to kill her. I found that he did as well, the first chance he got. In the end it nearly got him killed twice. After the second time he ended up in hospital because of Lauren I swore I would kill her, no matter what it cost me. Of course I found Lauren but I missed her and we ended up in a fight that looked like she was going to kill me. My guardian angel turned up, my love; he had come to save me. Lauren used his weakness against him, using Sark’s line of dropping his gun for me. This didn’t work for long; he ended up shooting her, dead.
She told me that my life was controlled, I didn’t really understand, she gave me an address; I didn’t know what she was talking about. Vaughn shot her, it was over, we were finally free! I reached up to him and we kissed, letting our emotions go, we, I had waited for so long. I knew he would come back, but I just hoped he’d be alright mentally. He loved me and I loved him, it was that simple, we were complete together, we’d fix each other, we’d mend each other.

Vaughn came with me to the bank. I was so upset there, my whole life documented by my father. I should have known never to trust him, not after 'Project Christmas'. Vaughn had always been the one I trusted, but all of this year he hadn’t been there for me, he had a wife, my dad was all I had. My father had tried to explain to me about the documents I found but I didn’t listen and I ran off.

It suddenly hit me, Vaughn he had a punctured lung, he needed to get to a hospital, I had completely forgotten about it. I sprinted down the hall as fast as I could go, I found Vaughn were I left him except he had collapsed on the floor. I knelt beside him, crying. He was unconscious and barely had a pulse.
“Get me an ambulance now!” I shrieked through sobs.
I held his hand tightly; I couldn’t believe that I had forgotten about his punctured lung, I had put his life in jeopardy. He hadn’t mentioned anything about the pain he was in but it seemed obvious now.
“Vaughn don’t go, please!” I cried, speaking softly.

When the ambulance came they took us to the nearest hospital, I had to tell the hospital I was Michael’s girlfriend just to make sure they let me see him. They made him critically stable and we flew home. He was still unconscious when we got to the Stafford Naval Hospital in Los Angeles. I prayed for him, I wished he would just wake up. I sat for days with him, I insisted that I stayed. Weiss, Dixon, Marshall and Carrie tried to convince me to go home and get some rest but I wouldn’t leave him like this. Knowing I could’ve prevented this made me feel guilty, I had to make sure he was getting the best; I had to make sure he would survive this.

A couple of days later Vaughn’s doctor came in and spoke to me. I was so tired by this time, I felt wired but I wouldn’t leave him.
“Erm, Ms. Bristow?” His doctor asked me.
“Yes that’s me” I answered feeling very unaware, “Is he going to be ok?”
“As you know the puncture lung is severe due to Michael leaving the hospital when he wasn’t ready” He stated as if annoyed at Vaughn’s selflessness, “I’m sorry but at the moment it’s 50/50, we just don’t know”
Hearing those words made tears slip from my eyes but Vaughn wasn’t here to wipe them. I almost decide on raising Vaughn’s hand to wipe them from my cheeks but I thought it might look very odd. The doctor left knowing that I was deeply upset, I wouldn’t understand, I couldn’t comprehend that the love of my life could just die. I would not let this happens, I wasn’t just going to lose him not after all this, I wouldn’t let Michael Vaughn leave, I’d fight if I had to, I was going to hold on as tightly as I could.
“Over my dead body is he going to die” I whispered to myself as if it was a challenge.
Later I hated myself for saying that, for I wondered whether it would be over his dead body. I desperately tried to shove that thought out of my mind but it wasn’t working very well.

End of Flashback and Syd’s point of view

Moments later Sydney snapped back into reality, she found herself holding Vaughn’s hand very tightly as she had just relived what had happened within the last year. All of Sydney’s energy flowed into Vaughn, her strength was his and this made her immensely weary. She lay on his stomach, eventually giving into her tiredness and falling asleep right there. He had taken all of her energy and she need to recharge for now. Her hand still locked in Vaughn’s as she slept, their hands twitched for a moment as if Sydney had squeezed Vaughn’s hand, but it was not Sydney who squeezed.


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Sabella said:
<span style='font-size:9pt;line-height:100%'>Her hand still locked in Vaughn’s as she slept, their hands twitched for a moment as if Sydney had squeezed Vaughn’s hand, but it was not Sydney who squeezed.</span>
Ahhh ... he wakes up! :thinking:
I really loved how you sum up the third season through Syd´s eyes! (y)
Can´t wait for more! :woot:
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<span style='font-size:12pt;line-height:100%'>Chapter 3 ~ Lost without each other

<span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'>Summary ~ Will Vaughn ever wake up, will he survive? Does Vaughn regret killing Lauren, will he feel guilty?</span>

<span style='font-size:10pt;line-height:100%'>A/N ~ Here's the next chapter, I've added krzykty57789 and frangipani to the pm list ^_^ I hope you guys like this, thanks for all reviews! Enjoy ;) Luv Sabella xxx :daisy:</span>

<span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'>---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Vaughn’s POV (part flashback)

I saw the gun, it looked so cold, but then the woman using it was cold. She was deceitful, untrustworthy, unloving and cold. I’d been set up, I was seduced by the devil when I was at my weakest, I had no walls left up and so she gained access to my life. My wife is traitor, my wife, she appeared one thing but was actually another. She held the gun tightly against another woman. That woman was true and warm, everything she did she put her heart into. This woman needn’t seduce me, we were soulmates. There was no need for her to make me feel for her, the moment I met her she touch my heart, my soul and I knew I was in love with her, it seemed it was my destiny. The gun was smothered against this woman’s temple, my heart jumped as if it had missed a beat. I gasped for air, her pain and fright was mine.

My Sydney looked calm, I knew she wasn’t afraid for her life, she was afraid for mine. Sydney looked around, her deep brown eyes penetrated mine, her gaze was intense, she did not want me here.
“Stop! Let her go!” I shouted confidently, nobody would hurt Sydney while I was around, I’d fight until my last breath for her.
“Put the gun down” My wife commanded as if she still had power over me, “Put the gun down! If you love her, you'll put the gun down”
She knew my weakness, Sydney. I put the gun down because I love her, I still believed that Sydney thought I’d rather kill my wife than save her life, she didn’t know how wrong she was and here was my chance to prove it.
“You really are a boyscout!” I heard her say, that made me really angry.
As soon as my wife looked back to Sydney I grabbed my gun again, I lifted it up and aimed. I shot her quickly, taking pleasure in her reaction. I saw Sydney sprint over to me, glad to see me but there is concern written over her face.
“Vaughn! What are you doing? How did you get here?” She asks me impatiently.
“I came for you” I thought that Sydney wouldn’t be satisfied with that answer, it was simple and honest.
We suddenly realise that now is the time, well at least I think she did, everything was over. We both reached into each other, I could no longer resist, I had pushed her away I had to make up for it, I had lived without her for so long and I knew that wasn’t healthy, I need her so much. We kissed briefly, I hoped she had received “I love you” that I sent her with my eyes, she looked back and said “I love you too”

My wife started to get back up, she wasn’t finished yet, I hadn’t realised this quickly, I was too caught up in Sydney. I raised the gun once again, protecting me and Sydney, I shot her several times, she staggered back. I shot her five times before she fell back down. Lauren was dead, I had no wife, she was gone, I was free from her and that stupid gold ring. Which several minutes later I tried to throw away, but Sydney stopped me and looked at me. I then put it in my wallet. Sydney and I tried to talk to each other.
“Vaughn, I’m …”Sydney began to say to me before I interrupted her.
I put a finger over her lips to stop her from speaking.
“But Vaughn I really think we ought to …” She got more into her sentence this time before I interrupted again.
“I can’t take it any longer” I spoke pulling her closer to me, stroking her hair, cupping her face in my hands.
I planted a kiss on her lips, I could tell she was trying to resist and when she failed I couldn’t help but smile. Our kiss deepened as she gave up on talking, she was right we needed to talk but I couldn’t concentrate right now, all I could think about was kissing her.

We had no idea what Lauren had meant by the numbers, but I knew Sydney would go and find out. I went with her of course, I need to be there to catch her should she fall. I waited patiently for her outside while she found her answers. I suddenly realised I was in a lot of pain, I felt dizzy and nauseous. I felt my legs collapse beneath me, and I called her name, the woman I love’s name. She didn’t hear me, what would happen? She would have no one to catch her, I’d failed her.
“I’m sorry I failed you” I whispered as though she were right beside me, “I love you”
I could imagine her lovely, soft, brown eyes, and they said I love you back. Then everything went black and I could no longer see her, I wanted her back, I missed her so badly.

I sense that my mouth is very dry, I need water desperately but I need Sydney more. I have no regrets about killing my wife, no guilt, no disappointment except the point that I should’ve noticed that she was the mole. My eyelids are so tired; I don’t know whether I can lift them. Well at least I’m conscious, I wonder where I am. I can feel my body, pain lots of pain but then I sense something on me, something clutching onto me. Something holding tightly onto a hand of mine, I squeeze it, it’s warm and soft. I want to open my eyes so badly, I wonder what it is, but my eyelids are so weary.

End of Vaughn’s POV

Vaughn mumbled incoherently, trying to summon the energy to open his eyes, failing and then cursing them. A few minutes later Vaughn slowly opened his eyes, he couldn’t see well, it was very blurred and distorted. He looked around, trying to make sense of his surroundings. He could make out that it looked like a hospital which he thought made sense as his last memory was of him collapsing. He peered down at his hand, the thing that gripped him so tightly was another hand, he lifted his eyes up to see who it was. His brain didn’t need his eyes to tell him who it was, but he needed to see her, to make sure she was really there. She lay softly on his stomach resting so peacefully, Vaughn didn’t wish to wake her. He loved everything about this woman, her eyes, her hair, her mind. He was so relieved to see her, he’d missed her. From the look of her Vaughn had concluded that she had stayed here for quite sometime, her hair wasn’t up and it was a bit tangled, Sydney had always enjoyed to look as good as she could and so this explained to him that she had stayed with him for sometime. He slowly moved his hand to her face and began to stroke her hair softly, wishing that she’d get some peace.

Sydney twisted, smoothly returning to the land of the living. She moved her head slightly in order to get up but found that someone was softly stroking her hair. It couldn’t be, could it? She wondered.
“Morning Syd” Sydney thought that was the most beautiful way to wake up, then shock hit her he was awake, Vaughn had survived.
Tears left her eyes; she cried softly knowing it was over for now.
“Vaughn, is that you?” Sydney asked quietly.
“Yes Sydney it’s me” He replied trying to sound simple.
She looked up at him, his face it was the best ever thing she had and would ever see, she cried happily, she was so happy to see him awake and alive.
“Oh, Syd c’mere!” Vaughn said softly pulling Sydney into his arms.

They sat there for along time, just happy to be each others arms. Vaughn frequently looked down upon her and gave her a kiss on her forehead, maybe trying to reassure her that he was still here. Every time he did this it made her cry, knowing he was alive and safe. He once again brushed the tears from her.
“You know I love you right?” He asked, wondering why she couldn’t stop shedding tears.
She gave him one of her huge, open smiles that lit up the room wherever she was. She leant into to him and kissed him.
“Of course I do, I’m not stupid” She slapped him.
“Ow!” Sydney knew he was teasing her and smiled.
She kissed him again.
“Better?” She asked playfully.
“Much!” He replied leaning into her this time.
“I love you” Sydney announced.
“I know you do so you can stop wasting our time already!” Vaughn smirked at her.
Sydney stuck out her bottom lip out in a childish like way.
“I love you so much!” He replied to her bottom lip.
“Now who’s wasting time” She laughed at him.
He kissed her stopping her from saying anymore.
“I missed you so much Sydney” His tone became serious.
“So did I” She replied relaying the same amount of seriousness.
“So is there anything I can do to make it up for not being here?” He asked playfully.
A huge grin appeared on Sydney face, she turned to look Vaughn right in the eyes and just smiled.


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Sabella said:
I suddenly realised I was in a lot of pain, I felt dizzy and nauseous. I felt my legs collapse beneath me, and I called her name, the woman I love’s name. She didn’t hear me, what would happen? She would have no one to catch her, I’d failed her.
“I’m sorry I failed you” I whispered as though she were right beside me, “I love you”
I could imagine her lovely, soft, brown eyes, and they said I love you back. Then everything went black and I could no longer see her, I wanted her back, I missed her so badly.
Typically Vaughn! :smiley:
He always thinks about Syd although he should worry about himself too! :blink:
I´m glad he is Ok and has no memory gaps or so! :D
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<span style='font-size:12pt;line-height:100%'>Chapyer 4 ~ Don't ever be sorry for loving me

<span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'>Summary ~ What happens next? Do Syd and Vaughn talk?</span>

<span style='font-size:10pt;line-height:100%'>A/N ~ Sorry for the huge wait I had amnesia on the fact that I posted fanfic here so sorry ^_^ I hope you like this, I'm thinking of posting a new story as well called "Walk A mile in each other's shoes" so tell me if you think it's a good idea or not. Ooh and I'll add Crazy for Alias, Alias Fan Gillian and ASIOagent to the PM list when I've post this :smiley: Enjoy ;) Luv Sabella xxx :daisy:</span>

<span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'>---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Later that Afternoon

Sydney twisted her key in the front door of her apartment. She pushed the wooden door open; she turned to Vaughn and helped him in. She helped him on to the sofa and sat with him.
“I’m going to get your stuff” Sydney said quietly.
“You don’t have to do that!” Vaughn replied.
“You’re going to need clothes if you’re going to stay here” Sydney stated and then smile at considering not getting those clothes.
“Ok, be back soon” Sydney got up and kiss him on the forehead as he said this, “Love you”
“Love you too” Sydney smiled, picked up her coat and opened the door, “Bye”

Sydney spent about twenty minutes in that house, searching for Vaughn’s things. She hated that she had to go in there, everything smelt of Lauren. She grieved for Vaughn’s suffering because of Lauren’s betrayal. There were pictures of him and Lauren everywhere, including their wedding and honeymoon photos. Anger rose within her, she picked up their wedding photo and threw it against the wall. The glass shattered as it made contact with the wall, it was Sydney’s revenge for Lauren hurting Vaughn. She continued through the house to his bedroom, she picked up some shirts and trousers from his wardrobe. She then delved into his draws. In his first draw she found boxers and stuffed them into the rucksack. There was also a round, shaped box hidden at the back of that draw. She plucked it from the draw, slumped onto his bed and flipped the lid off. Oh my god, Sydney thought as she realised what was inside. She flipped through the box, taking it in. Inside the box there were images and photo’s of them together, of herself. They were from before her missing years, of them when they had no problems, when they were happy, at peace. She cried as she realised that this had been how he’d coped, he’d kept himself happy and sane with pictures of them and her. Even though he’d had a wife he’d still needed her to be happy with his new life.

Afterwards she rushed back home to Vaughn. She slammed her door opened and rushed into Vaughn.
“Hey, you ok?” Vaughn asked anxiously.
“I’m better now I’m here with you!” Sydney exclaimed.
She came and sat next to him on the sofa. She kissed him softly, brushing her hands through his hair. Vaughn was glad too be back in her arms, he reached her waist. She let go and began to lift his t-shirt over his head but Vaughn stopped her.
“You said earlier you wanted to make it up to me” Sydney stuck her bottom lip out.
“I know and I really do want to but I think we should talk first” Vaughn said, half wishing he hadn’t said a word.
“I guess you’re right” Sydney replied not liking what she had just said.

Vaughn sat for a couple of minutes, composed himself before beginning. He turned to look her straight in the eyes, so that she knew he meant what he just going to say.
“I’m sorry Sydney, for all things that I’ve done and not done. I’m sorry that I was deceived and when you told me this I didn’t believe you. It took all of me when you died; I felt somehow that I’d died with you. It took a long time for me to accept that I could never have you again, that I had to settle for less. I married Lauren so that I could move on, so that I had a new life, I knew it wouldn’t ever compare to the life I had with you before but I needed it never the less. When you came and told me moving on, building up a worse new life that it was all a lie, a scheme for the covenant. I wouldn’t believe you, I couldn’t believe that I’d fallen for someone who’d do that, I didn’t want to believe that I deprived myself of you for nothing, for evil. I loved you all along but you know the type of person I am, I wasn’t just going to dump my vowels, because I knew that was wrong, all that time would’ve been a waste for Lauren. I don’t regret killing Lauren, she deserved it, she wreaked our lives, she kept us from happiness for nothing, for the covenant. I’m truly sorry for all the pain I’ve caused you, I was never here for you, I wanted to be there for you, to tell you how much I loved you, but I was bound by the ring, I was no longer your one constant and that made me miserable. I love you Sydney more than anyone else on this Earth but I have to sort this out first, I have to make this right, it has to be perfect” Vaughn announced like a speech, Sydney wondered if he had perhaps prepared this but from his eyes she could tell it was from his heart.

Sydney sighed and took this all in, she understood and she forgave him because she loved him.
“I love you too Vaughn and I understand why you weren’t here for me. You were still my one constant; even though you weren’t here physically I could tell you would always be there for me in the end. I’m sorry that I said those horrible things to you earlier this year; I know you forgave me for them but I will always know they came from my mouth. I know you have to sort this out but I can’t let you do this on your own, I’m going to help you whether you like it or not. Together we will make it better I promise. I forgive you for all that pain because I love you and that’s all that matters to me” Sydney paused and looked at Vaughn.
She reached for the rucksack and pulled out as red box. She dumped it on Vaughn’s lap and smiled.
“I know you loved me all along because I felt the same way!” She stated.
Vaughn looked down at the box and made the connection between what she was saying and this object. He looked up her, looking very sad.
“This box was …” He began, “I couldn’t live my life without you in it, I needed you to be happy and well I needed this to sustain my new life, I’m sorry”
“Don’t ever be sorry for loving me” She smiled and kissed him on his forehead.


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