Add-on Conflict Security Error Occurred -- What is the fix please?

I see the following error when submitting scores - using the most recent 0.0.9 install:

Security error occurred. Please press back, refresh the page, and try again.

I've searched the forum and see that there's a possible XenPorta conflict, with a fix posted at Resources -- I cannot see that thread :(

Can someone please definitively share a fix for the security error issue?!


Thanks for your response dodgeboard.
I tried overwriting init.php and still receive the Security error :(
I'm using XenPorta 1.5.3 -- Any other ideas on how to sort the error?

To get support, please start by giving the full error or a screenshot, the errors being logged in the system log (if any), the game being played and a link to the site, so it can be reproduced. If you have a test user already registered on your site to reproduce the error, those credentials would be helpful as well.
Thanks for your response. But the error is quite common. It's been posted about several times. I'm simply looking for a definitive fix. Otherwise:

  1. There is no error reported in the Server Error Logs.
  2. There's no screenshot to be posted. As I posted in the original post - the error is on the end-user side - It simply says: Security error occurred. Please press back, refresh the page, and try again.
  3. No errors logged in the system log
  4. The game being played: Every single game I've attempted to import. Apparently the default games work fine. How odd - right?!
  5. The arcade is not open to public. It's too buggy. This is why I'm seeking assistance with these bugs :smiley:

Do you have any game where already some existing scores are saved (may be b4 upgrading 0.0.9)? Then try to submit score without scoring highest .... just want to be sure whether your problem is same as mine ...