Sci-Fi Seeker (an Aston West novella)


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I recently had a chance to read Seeker (paperback) and it was a good read for a beautiful sunny Spring day outside. (y)

Due to the way Amazon has it listed I thought it was the sequel to the original Aston West novel but I've since learned that it is really a stand-alone novella within the Aston West universe. With Amazon Prime the paperback was only $5.95 including shipping so it was cheap enough to pick up for those wanting a physical copy and it is only $2.99 for the Kindle edition.

If you're looking for a light action read then Seeker is for you. The main character is a self-described space pirate that is torn between profit and doing the right thing. Think Han Solo but without a giant Wookie or a big & fast ship, instead Aston West has a small ship with no room for a crew other than the ship's A.I. system that acts more like his partner. The action is a kept at a good pace to keep you entertained and, being a novella, is pretty much straight to the point. I would also consider it teen friendly (say PG-13) as there is some violence depicted and implied, but not explicit, sex.

The only part that had me going was that I kept expecting a twist to come and there was none.
... is presented as a ruthless conniving man but displays what would seem to be acts of kindness. These acts of kindness cause West to consider what the motives behind them might be but nothing is done with this aspect of the story. I was a bit expecting there to be a twist with the apparent antagonist not really being the bad guy and that the trope of the damsel in distress was going to instead turn out to be a ruse. It wasn't. As I said above, it's a story that is straight to the point.

It still made a fun read though on a nice day. :smiley:


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Heh...I forgot to come into this thread and post that I now had a paperback...oops.
(Also, the Nook and Smashwords versions are not currently available, since it's now under the Kindle Unlimited plan...)

Glad you enjoyed it!

I do think I need more sleep during the week, though...I was reading the recap, and was really confused. And then I realized this was discussing Seeker, and I was thinking about my other standalone novella, Fallen...that cleared things up when I reconfigured the gray matter between my ears. :facepalm: