Selling your HDD/memory sticks? read on!


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Jan 16, 2005

a whole piece on the bbc website for all people selling HDD's or memory sticks/cards on when they have no use for them after an upgrade or whatever.

i already know this and have a program that can stamp 20 times over each and ever sector to DoD security, everyone needs to know these programs are around and can protect your identity if you sell on any device that has memory storage

what you are going to have to decide, is if theres a program out there that costs $12/£10 to buy that will erase your memory stick, and you are selling off your memory stick for $10-18/£8-15, can you really afford to have all your information on that stick available to the purchaser when he runs a data recovery program on it?

time to google around, read the e-zines and check for free data destruction tools that are efficient enough to be worth using.
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