Politics Senate Report On CIA Failure


The Senate committee found some pretty startling information. We basically went to war in iraq based upon rumors. Now IMO this is the biggest scandal since Watergate, but nobody seems to be noticing it. The CIA wasn't allowed enough time to gather information because Bush and his cabinet were forcing them to into a decision because they had already made up their minds that war was inevitable according this new report. Close to 900 troops have died in combat and that's not counting the countless numbers of innocent Iraqis who have died. We've gone to Iraq and blown 30 ft craters into other people's homes based upon lies and rumors. Doesn't this strike anyone as pretty controversial or is it just me?

Bush's claims for starting the war have varied over the past 2 years and have now ended up in a mere "America is Safer" response other than a real answer

1. WMDs- Where are they?
2. Al Quaida- Yeah they're there now
3. America is safer- How so? Bush's own State Dept. said we are more at risk of a terrorsit attack than ever before.