Announcements Server Changes This Weekend


Code Monkey
Staff member
This weekend I'll be leaving the vBSEO add-on turned off for performance testing. vBSEO, amongst other things, is what gives us the nice looking URLs with the thread title in the URL instead of the thread ID number.

EG: Instead of [noparse][/noparse] you would see something like [noparse][/noparse] in the browser.

This means that any inbound links (links on other sites that link to Cool Sci-Fi) that are using the re-written URLs will not work this weekend! :eek:

If the performance problems we've been having lately continue then vBSEO will be turned back on Sunday night but if the problems are relieved then we will leave vBSEO turned off permanently.
Here's hoping several days of purges and some database changes were worth it. :eek:

EDIT: Forgot to mention... if anybody has any problems with the site, especially timeouts (eg: you go to make a post and either get an error or a white screen), please let me know what time of the day it was (and specify your timezone) so I can see if it was a one-off problem, something that is in the logs, or something that matches a pattern of problems. Please also let me know exactly what it was you were trying to do. Send the information to (support at