Sci-Fi shameless plugging

Hi, I've just completed a quadrilogy on amazon kindle. available for download as ebook or paperback. I'm not asking anyone to rush out with their hard earned cash but, if you can, I'd like a few people to use the look inside for a brief look. The original idea is about a couple of young men who are driven away from their home planet due to a hostile take over. Both were going to a study world to continue their education, but find themselves travelling further into the universe than the recognized knowledge of their home world admits, searching for ways to make credits for the day they are called back for the revolution.
The universe they inhabit is in a far distant future when everyone has colonized as far as the imagination can reach. Isolated communities have evolved to become vastly different in appearance, yet they are all still human. These new forms are known as ethnoi. (sing. Ethnos)
They are not hard science stories, the protagonists fly around in faster than light ships but have no idea how they actually work. (They can't fix a proton, black mass, google plex or woo generator with a rubber band and chewing gum) Rather like we fly around in massive jets but don't usually have a clue how they stay up.
Anyway, there's lots of action, intrigue, different ethnoi, love interests and stand alone chapters with a loose back story linking it all. Kind of retro. think 'John Carter of Mars' stories.
If I've piqued anyone's interest, they're available on these links:
ASIN: B07NF86FWC 1st book. Bahchidunya,
ASIN: B07NCB2W6G , 2nd book. After Bahchidunya,
ASIN: B07QBLZ2C7 3rd book A world of many levels
ASIN: B0818BMTJJ 4th book Full Circle.
Thanks if anyone takes a look and gives me some feedback, chrishoca
Pat Kelley has a series of four SciFi books also. They are primarily hard science fiction with a kick-ass female protagonist. You can learn all about them and Pat’s inspiration for writing the novels at: