Shatners Pants

Hi folks,my name is Joe Christopher,from Liverpool Uk.....I just signed up today....check out this crazy cartoon "Shatners Pants"
that I found on YouTube yesterday.....a fake ad for a trouser shop featuring Will Shatner.....LOL
I'll buy some Shatner Pants

Good evening Joe, make yourself at home here. There's always room for another STAR TREK fan, I still enjoy watching the original crew, Spock was always my farovite, then Kirk followed by all of the main characters.

I've got good news for you, when you post stuff from YOUTUBE, you can use the icon on the reply menu marked "TUBE". After you click on to it, you then just type in the 11 characters that designate the clip and.......PRESTO!

Welcome to the forums! (y)

BTW, great Shatner video. Here's another one of the Captain's youtube moments, entitled, "Shatner on the Mount", shot near El Capitan in California..................