She Will Rise Again


Jan 6, 2006
She Will Rise Again

Chapter 20


“Mama, papa, please don’t leave me please” Anastasia cried

“Noooo mama, papa” Alexei also cried waking Damian up from his slumber.

At realizing that the cries were coming from his two angels Damian quickly got up and crawled into the bed. Gently he pulled Alexei into him and put his arm around Anastasia. Slowly the two children felt his presence waking up they looked up at him. Alexei curled into his side and Anastasia leaned towards as their cries subsided. Damian sat their looking at them

“Oh my angels I’m so sorry for the pain you had to endure” he whispered but then looked up “My angels, since when are they my angels?” He said at realizing the possessiveness of his last statement. But drawn out of his thought by the tears of Anastasia and Alexei and instinctively he rubbed their backs

“It’s alright by darlings, I promise you’re alright” Damian said comforting the children.

“No it’s not, it’s never going to be alright again, ever” Anastasia cried “Were in a country we don’t know and with a man who hates us” She finished tears in her eyes that broke through Damian’s last wall.

“I don’t hate you” he said but Anastasia looked down “look at me” Damian said tilting her head up. “I don’t hate you Tasia you and your brother have returned life to me. I love you. Loosing my children took my heart but you have returned it to me I love you more than I ever thought I could again and I will never let anyone hurt you either of you” he finished tilting Alexei’s head towards him as well.

“I’m just not very good at talking to children anymore or to live for that matter. You both have given me a reason to try and for that I owe you my life” Damian finished tear sliding easily down his cheeks.

“Now I have a job this afternoon that I must do” Damian began “I will be back soon, will you be alright?” he asked

“Alright yes we will be ok” they both told him and Damian held them close until they fell asleep once more.

Hours later:
Damian headed towards to city knowing that one of Rasputin’s closest friends was in Cuba and Damian had too get rid of him before the bastard sensed the children and it had to look like and accident. Damian had left the children with food and new bandages and left house dressed as a driver. Parking his car in a seclude street behind a building Damian made his way to where a driver waited for his boss. Damian stood beside him

“May I have a light” he whispered as he leaned in noticing the long jacket the man wore. At the moment the driver reached in to his jacket pocket Damian slit his armpit cutting a major artery and causing the man too bleed profusely which as covered by his coat. Damian leaned him against his shoulder and quickly placed the man in the passenger seat so that it seemed the he was asleep. Putting on the drivers hat Damian stood next to the car looking down and waited for his target.

Apollo Marcus finished his meeting with mafia Rasputin followers in Cuba and walked to his car knowing that he would find the brats soon and please Rasputin. Getting into his into the car with his driver in the front Apollo closed his eyes and laid back saying

“Take me to 55 Plaza Sésamo please” Apollo never noticed to sleeping man on the next seat to self involved with himself. When reaching Apollo’s house Damian threw a knife that slit Apollo’s throat and then transported himself to the passenger seat leaving the driver a knife of his own blood in his hand and Apollo’s dead body. Damian walked way calmly careful never to look in anyone’s face and drove home.

Damian reached home and bathed wiping off the deed he had done. Then he silently made his way to the children her were chatting in bed. “Well I think it’s time for you both to bathe” he said smiling. Gently once more he washed Anastasia with a clothe and bathed Alexei. Week passed and three got closer as Damian helped them heal and continued to train them. Damian continued to take jobs and killed not caring what to himself as long as the children were safe. He killed mafia bosses slowly giving control to his family and personally illuminating Rasputin’s most powerful supporters. Weeks turned into months and before anyone realized three months had passed and both children had returned to full health.

“Damian’s late he said he would be back before nine where is…” she began panicked but Damian walked in holding his side. He fell to the ground in front of Anastasia and Alexei.

“Damian” both children cried running to his side “Damian your hurt, Damian” Anastasia said fear in hers eyes. Damian quickly composed himself and got up “I’m fine it’s a small wound I’ll be fine” he said heading to the bathroom. Anastasia and Alexei followed him into the bathroom were they saw that Damian had blood coming out of his side.

“Go now” Damian yelled kicking both children out of the bathroom and closing the door.

Twenty minutes later he left the bathroom bathed and in other clothes. When he entered the living room both children were sitting their watching him.

“You will have to start school soon, summer is over and you are already late” Damian began

“No don’t try to distract us from your wound Damian we know you were hurt” Anastasia said and Alexei nodded.

“I’m fine, now I can enroll in school or hire a tutor and I think a tutor would be better for you”

“You came in bleeding and you could hardly stand. How can you tell us you’re alright? You’re lying” Anastasia said he voice rising with every word.

“Anastasia enough I told you I’m fine, now drop it” he yelled back

“No, I know how many times you have come home hurt. We hear trying to sneak in and changing in the bathroom. You said you loved us and don’t want anything to happen to us. What makes you think that we would want anything to happen to you? We love you and you’re the only family we have dammit, why can’t you see that if you die so will we? You said you cared now that you wanted to live so act like it” Anastasia said angrily refusing to allow any tears to fall.

“We lost our family and you gave us a home. We don’t want to loose you Damian we love you” Alexei whispered going over and giving his sister a quick hug and then sitting next to her.

Damian breathed in realizing that they were right he protected them but he did not do the same for himself. He was taking risks that he did not need to take and doing them alone with out back up. How could have been so selfish only thinking about he feelings and forgetting that the children might feel the same way about him.

“They love and I’m breaking their hearts” Damian thought to himself. Kneeling in front of them he spoke “I’m sorry I never meant to worry you” Damian grabbed their hands
“I need to make money and I can’t allow Rasputin’s men to get too close, they might find you” he finished trying to make them understand “But I promise I will be more careful, I promise” he finished.

“Yes but your alone every time you leave for a job. We want to go with you” Anastasia said to which both males replied “What?” Anastasia nudged Alexei with her arm and he quickly said “Yes we want to go with you”.

Both children looked at Damian sternly making it clear that they would not budge
“Absolutely not, no way, you are not coming with me to any one of my jobs, you are both going to start school and forget about this. Now let’s get something to eat and go to sleep, tomorrow I have another job and I want you two to continue to practice you languages.” Damian said and left the room rendering the conversation over.

The Next Morning:

The trio woke up and did their usually routine after Damian retired to read in the living room.

“Alexei that’s not fair” Anastasia screamed throwing water face granting her time to get away from him.

“Hey you said that there were no rules so everything is fair” Alexei replied wiping the water of his face and then swimming after his sister. Clearing his mind he took the form of the water and encircled Anastasia who stopped at seeing a whirl of water around her legs. Alexei popped out of the water but before he could engulf his sister she concentrated and formed a field of energy around herself. Alexei bounced and fell into the water, loosing his concentration and turning human once more.

“You used your power” he began but Anastasia cut him off “You used them first” both children stared at each other angrily when laughing caught their attention. Anastasia and Alexei turned to find Damian laughing at the door “she got you good Alexei, real good” he laughed.

Anastasia looked at him and started to laugh as well but Alexei continued staring angrily. In that moment Damian transported himself into the water and splashed Alexei in the face “Come now Alexei you know she got you” he said causing Alexei to laugh.

“You going too pay for that splash Ian” Alexei said jumping into the water and changing once more just as sister turned invisible and jumped in as well. Damian looked closely at the water and saw Alexei form but still could not see Anastasia. At that moment he saw Alexei swimming towards about to take out his leg and heard Anastasia come out of the water behind him. Damian transported himself out of the way and watched as Alexei and Anastasia took each other down. He laughed when both children came out spitting water

“You’ll have to do better than that to get me” he said smugly staring at the children who just gave him determined glances and swam towards him. The trio played for hours until Damian announced it was time for him to go and they left the water to change.

Finishing his hair Damian said “alright I have to go, please understand that you can’t come” he said at the children’s angry faces.

“You just don’t want us to come. Were not children, we stopped being children the night out family was killed” Anastasia yelled and taking her brother hand she finished “good luck come on Alexei lets go to bed” Damian side and grabbed his bag. Wising that he had more time to explain he left and got into his truck.

Anastasia watched him leave threw her window and sighed when Damian got into the car and turned it on. But was surprised to see him get out of the car and walk back into the house and at that moment she got an idea.
“Alexei come on, grab the blanket and follow me hurry” she said to her brother who quickly jumped off the bed grabbed the blanket to stand behind his sister. Anastasia cracked the door to her room and watched as Damian walked into his room.

“Come on lets go” she said signaling Alexei to follow her down the hall. They ran out the door and both jumped into the backseat. They ducked and covered themselves with the blankets waiting for Damian to return and praying that he would not notice their presence. Minutes later Damian got in and drove off ignoring the two treasures that hid in his backseat.

Jun 19, 2006
Sorry for the delay in my response. I am relieved to read that Damian got over himself and started to show his love for the children. I loved how he rushed to their beds to calm them down when they had the nightmare. Also it's good to see that kids' powers are growing and developing day by day, preparing them for future battles but I am nervous about their hiding in the backseat to go with Damian..they will be in danger :unsure:


Jan 6, 2006
She Will Rise Again

Chapter 21


Damian grabbed something from his drawer and left his room and headed down the hall. But suddenly he stopped in front of Alexei and Anastasia’s room

“I should talk to them and explain” he whispered to himself and began to open to door
“No they should be sleeping I’ll talk to them tomorrow” Damian said closing the door and leaving the house.

Damian drove silently until he could see the town of Santiago where mostly all the powerful mafia leaders lived. Pulling to the side of the road Damian pulled out a photograph from his pocket. Anastasia and Alexei peaked out from their hiding spot when the car stopped. Damian looked at the photo and touched it gently as tears flowed down his cheeks like small rivers. Shaking it of Damian put it away and was on his way ignorant to the two that wiped their tears and hid once more in the backseat.

Ten Minutes later:

Damian reached town hall and parked across the street knowing that key parts of The Omen were meeting there. An organization made to help Rasputin in his quest to kill The One. Damian had to destroy it and leave only the Phoenix in control and stop all the evil that The Omen was spreading.

“Alright, game time” Damian breathed and left his car grabbing his bag and revolver from the seat. Silently he walked into town hall and walked past the front desk.

“Excuse me Sir you can’t go in there” the secretary said but Damian stopped by sticking his revolver into her mouth “shh, don’t say a word, don’t even breath, do you understand?” he said and the women just nodded her head “now walk”. Damian ordered as he walked around town hall checking the rooms and making sure no one was there.

“Very good” he spoke reaching the end of the hall where there lay a closed door.

“Is that where there holding the meeting nod your head” he said once more and the women nodded her head in fear.

“Thanks” Damian said knocking the women out with his elbow and gently placing her in one of the rooms on one of the chairs.

Grapping a knife out of his black bag Damian swung the door open a transported himself across the room slitting all their throats one by one. He gave them no time to react as he flew around the table and killed the last man. Landing right in front of the table Damian looked over his shoulder appreciating his handy work and walked out of town hall. He threw his knife into his bag, grabbed it and left. Getting into the car he put the key into the ignition but stopped and taking a breath he said “I her you come out now”.

“COME OUT DAMMIT” he yelled and Anastasia uncovered them saying “it’s just me and Alexei, calm down”.

“What you tow doing here, are you both crazy?” Damian said his bulging out at seeing them there.

“No we want to be with you, we already lost are family. We just want to be with you and we refuse to stay home. While you put your life in danger over and over again” Anastasia angrily said crossing her arm and nodding her head as Alexei did the same.

Alright, you didn’t get hurt so let’s forget about it” he said his heart aching because he did not take their loss into account “alright lets go home” he finished and then drove off.

At home:

“Let’s go to bed” Damian said walking through the door the children on his tail

“Damian we want you to take us with you.” Alexei said surprising his older sister

“What!” Damian yelled

“He said we want you to take us with you on your missions” Anastasia continued supporting her brother in what he was saying.

“No way no no no no no” Damian continued refusing to listen when Anastasia and Alexei tried to but in.

“Ian please listen to us” Alexei yelled trying to get Damian’s attention but he continued to shake his head at them “No you will join me on missions you need to study and educate yourselves. I will not allow you to be like me you will be better than me. The two of you are going to be great” Damian finished with certainty that surprised the children and leaving them no room for argument.

“You will continue our training?” Anastasia asked

“Yes, of course I want you to be able to defend yourselves” Damian said putting an end to the conversation. “Now come along we need rest”. All three got up and went to their rooms to change and like has been their custom recently they ended up together in Anastasia’s bed.

“Damian, Damian” Anastasia called waking up in middle of the night and finding him gone. Half asleep, almost unconsciously she got up to search for Damian and when she found him in his bed asleep with his book on his chest Anastasia got into the bed and curled into Damian “mmm” she said satisfied. About ten minutes later Alexei came in, in the same state and curled into Damian’s other side.

“Katherine” Damian yelled sitting up and full of sweat.

“Ian, what’s wrong?” Anastasia whispered touching Damian’s hand but he pulled it away

“Anastasia, what are you doing here?” Damian asked a little confused

“I missed you next to me so I guess I just came here” Anastasia said a little confused as too how she got there herself.

“I guess I was lonely too” Alexei spoke up

“Alexei?” both Anastasia and Damian exclaimed

“Who’s Katherine?” Alexei asked

“No one, now come on let’s go back to your bed” Damian finished leading them back to Anastasia’s room.

Laying there Damian thought back to the last night he had seen his family, his children, his wife…..

“Ian their going to be fine, your father sent men to protect them and me. You must help the Phoenix stop Rasputin and protect the child” Katherine said hugging her husband from behind as they watched their children play

“Yes but tomorrow is Jose’s seventh birthday I can’t miss that”

“Why are you planning to, how could you Alexei? It means so much to Jose that you be there” Katherine spoke swatting him on the chest.

“Terin you know I would never miss my ……” Damian began turning to defend himself but stopped when he saw the smile plastered on his wives face “Your teasing me” Damian laughed grabbing her and giving her a passionate kiss that took her breath away.

“Of course I am, now say good bye to our children and go protect the one we will wait for you here” Katherine pushed her husband out the door towards the children

“Pappi” Solimar ran and hugged her father

“Pappi” Jose yelled doing the same

“My darlings” Damian laughed kissing them both

“Pappi a donde vas” Jose asked

“Yeah were you going?” Anastasia asked repeating her brother’s question

“Well I have a job I need to do tonight but I will be back”

“You’re not going to be here for my birfhday?” Jose asked tearing up

“Of course pappi is just leaving tonight, but he will be back tomorrow” Katherine said soothing her children “Now give your father a kiss and say good bye”

“Bye pappi” Jose said kissing his father

“Bye pappi” Solimar followed and did the same

“Don’t worry I will back my darlings” Damian said

“You promise?” both children asked

“Yes” Damian finished hugging them closely and after he kissed his loved ones once more he left waving good bye.

“It’s alright my loves, your father will be back” Katherine said holding her crying children. Solimar and Jose looked up at her tears glittering from their eyes.

“I tell you what you can sleep with me until pappi comes”

“Alright mamma” they answered and with heavy hearts the family went to bed.
As they slept the sound of a door hitting the ground awoke them as Rasputin’s men ran into the house.


More coming very soon


Jan 6, 2006
sorry for the delay, updat will be up soooon just christmas and new years and family driving me up the walll


Jan 6, 2006
She Will Rise Again

Chapter 22

“Mammi what was that, mammi?” Jose screamed jumping up

“I’m not sure baby” Katherine said rubbing her sons back

“Mammi what do we do?” Jose asked terrified

“Quietly follow me!” Katherine exclaimed leading the children into her closet pushing the clothes out of the way Katherine pushed the children in “stay behind these clothes and don’t come out no matter what happens!” she ordered her little ones and then covered them with clothes.

“Ahhh” Katherine screamed as the shots fired into the room five shot invading her body before she could step away from the closet.

“Mammi” whimpered both children covering their mouth but Rasputin’s men heard it and fired into the closet door filing both children up with bullets.

“Stop” one yelled to the others can’t you see the blood flooding out of underneath the closet door. Their dead you fool lets go” He finished making his way out of the room…

“Shouldn’t we make sure their dead?” a guard said to his superior

“Of course their dead you frack” he yelled and then lead the men out

A day later:

Damian walked into his house with joy but stopped right in his tracks at the tipped tables and chairs.

“Katherine, Katherine” he called walking around the house looking for her

“Katherineeee” he screamed in horror when he saw his wife lying in a pool of blood.

“Katherine my love” he cried cradling the limp body in his arms willing the warmth to return to her.

“Oh my love, my love what has he done to you, Ahhhhhhhh, noooooo ,noooooo” he screamed clutching on the his wife.

“Jose, Solimar” Damian called softly when his mind cleared gently laying her on the ground he got up and searched for his children.

“Solimar, Jose” he called once more when he did not find them anywhere else and returned to were his wife lay.

“Solimar ,Jo….” Damian stopped his heart sinking when he realized that there was a pool of blood underneath the closet door.

“Oh god no” Damian breathed slowly making his to the closet and opening the door.

“Ohh noo no” he cried falling to his knees at seeing the bloody bodies of his children clutching each other with holes in their bodies. Damian fell to his knees out of breath, not wanting to believe that his babies were gone.

“No, no,no,no,no” Damian cried as his burned down his cheek. He waddled forward and grabbed his children.

“Oh please no god no” Damian screamed in agony, screams that could be heard from miles away.

Sometime In the Future:

“Grampa is that why you didn’t want mama and uncle Alexei in the beginning?”

“Yes Irina but you mother and uncle captured my heart.”

“Good I’m happy they did, cause if not you wouldn’t be my grampa” the little brown haired brown eyed girl smiled.

“Finish the story grampa” cried Irina flashing her toothy grin

“Yes, now were was I”

“When my mommy was little and you had a bad dream” Irina reminded playing with her siblings.

“Yes Yes that’s right!” Damian laughed “Well I had just had a bad dream and put you mother and uncle to sleep once more. As I lay there I remembered my family and fell asleep with there faces in my minds. The next morning I woke up to the sounds of laughter….,

Back to the story

“I got you Lexei, you little rug rat” Anastasia laughed tickling her brother relentlessly

“No NOOO Tasia cut it out” the boy laughed fighting his sister off

“I got you both” Damian yelled jumping in a tickling both children until they could no longer breath.
“Ok Damian Ok we give, we give Ian we give” the children laughed and the trio lay together on the ground.

“Come on you two lets get breakfast” Damian said getting up and going into the kitchen. The three ate breakfast together laughing together forgetting for an hour the pain they had gone through.

“Damian can we train some more now” Anastasia said drying her hands

“Yes go get dressed both of you”

“Alright” Alexei screamed and ran to get dressed. Damian watched the children head down the hall, turned and headed outside.

“Were ready” Alexei called as he and Anastasia walked outside behind Damian who sat on the steps.

“Alright stand apart and stretch out” he said

“Very good now right hook, left hook, and right hook left hook” Damian called out commands and the children did what was asked of them.

“Good very good, now right leg, left leg, sweep left and sweep right” he called and both children did as asked. After an hour of practicing the moves that had been though to them Anastasia said “Teach us a different move Damian please”

“Very well watch me you first take one step forward and then lift the opposite leg up in the air. Sweep that leg away from your body” Damian exclaimed stepping on his right foot, lifting his left leg up and sweeping it from the right to left. Then he stepped with the left and sweeped with his right.

“Ok now try, do it slowly” Damian said watching as the children started to copy him right them left, right then left.

“Anastasia tilt your body towards the leg that is up in the air” he suggested and watched as her form improved

“Better, better keep trying”

“Lexei put the leg in the air straight out”

“Like that Ian?” Alexei asked straightening his legs

“Yes just like that”

After another hour of training Damian spoke “Alright that’s enough now it’s time for our daily exercise”

“What!” both children exclaimed exhausted from training

“Yes are daily exercise in the water” Damian exclaimed and transported himself into the water.

“Race you Lexei” Anastasia screamed running down the beach

Alexei turned into sand and moved quickly down the beach but just before he reached the water front, Anastasia put up a shield blocking him with a smash as she jumped into the water laughing.

“You though you could cheat looser” she giggled as her brother formed out of the sand

Another afternoon spent practicing their gifts in the water each child controlling their minds more everyday.

“Hello Damian” a voice threw their attention from their fun in the water.

Jun 19, 2006
Story of Damian's family was so sad :( but flashforward was so sweet :happy: Thank you for the update. It's the voice of a female who said "hello", right? :tongue: I am happy that Damian finally let the children in his heart fully.


Jan 6, 2006
Story of Damian's family was so sad :( but flashforward was so sweet :happy: Thank you for the update. It's the voice of a female who said "hello", right? :tongue: I am happy that Damian finally let the children in his heart fully.
Maybe it was a female and maybe not you will see sooon


Jan 6, 2006
She Will Rise Again

Chapter 23


“Marco, how did you, what are you doing her?” Damian asked

“The Order has requested that I bring over a tutor for the children since they have yet to start school and they prefer them to keep a low profile” he finished as a figure appeared at Damian’s door and made her way down the beach.

“Damian this is…”

“Eva” Anastasia and Alexei screamed and ran up to her and incasing her in their arms

“Hello ….” Eva began about to call them by the names they told her on the ship but Anastasia cut her off.

“I’m Anastasia and he’s my brother Alexei”

“Well Anastasia, Alexei nice to meet you”

“Do you have another name?”

“No my name is still Eva Alexei”

“What, Marcus you can’t be serious they do….”

“Are children and need to continue their education” Marcus finished

“But I don’t even know who she is and my children”

“Your children Damian “Marcus said with a small smirk as both Anastasia and Alexei looked at Damian with a smile

“I mean the children can’t be prisoners and they need to be with children their own age”

“Not a problem I have three children of my own and they will be joining are sessions after we get situated if it’s ok with Anastasia and Alexei” Eva finished looking at them

“I guess” Alexei said frowning

“Yeah whatever” Anastasia replied rolling her eyes and crossing her arms across her chest. Neither liking the idea of sharing their home with unknown children not wanting to share Damian or their sanctuary but also excited about having new playmates.

“Well Eva begins tomorrow but why don’t you get to know each other today. Eva I will pick you up later” Marcus finished

“I don’t think that’s a good idea” both Damian and Eva spit out

Don’t be ridiculous all of you will be spending time with each other so use today to get used to that idea see you later” with that Marcus was gone leaving behind two frustrated adults and two slightly annoyed children. Marcus smirked looking back once before leaving “god I wish I could stay and see this” he thought laughing

After a couple minutes of just standing their Damian said “Well why don’t we all get something to eat”

“Ok” Anastasia said running into the house with her brother right behind her.

“Well” Eva mumbled out

“Well um follow me I’ll show you were you can wash up” Damian finished leading Eva inside. The four ate dinner with the children being the focus of conversation for both adults neither willing to acknowledge the other. After a couple of hours Marcus returned left Damian with Eva’s schedule and then took her home.

“Damian are you leaving to night again?”

“Yes Alexei and no Anastasia you can’t come”

“Damian we have been training for days now and if you don’t let us come we’ll just sneak into your car on a later job. You won’t know when which will put us in even greater danger.”

“Anastasia you wouldn’t do that”

“Try us” Anastasia said crossing her arms stubbornly

“Very well but from now on you only come on jobs with my knowledge and if I say stay you stay behind understood”

“Very well but you have too slowly make us part of your jobs”

“Anastasia I don’t that would be a good idea”

“How are going to get better at are skills if you don’t allow us the practice” Anastasia whined

“Alright but you will do exactly as I say alright”

“Exactly!” both children agreed

“Good now go bath and put on black clothing and meet me outside”

The children were the first to make it out side and Damian came out ten minutes later with his black case in hand.

“Let’s go” Damian finished pulling out and envelope that he had received from his contact earlier that day.

“Alright our target is a man named Andres Castillo”

“Why him Damian, who is he?” Anastasia asked

“He is one of the leaders of the Castillo family”

“Who are the Castillo family?” Alexei asked

“The mafia in Cuba is made up of six powerful families’ three of which need to be dealt with” he finished while thinking to himself “I can’t very well tell him that three of those families create part of the Omen and that even though I killed a great deal of their leaders their will always be people to take their place” Anastasia voice dragged him out of his thoughts.

“Damian, Damian” Anastasia urged


“Where are we going?”

“To a ball”

“A ball!” Alexei exclaimed

“Yes, look in my bag and take out your dresses for the gala out, put them on over your clothes now. Pull out my clothes as well I’ get ready when we reach our destination.

An hour later Damian pulled in just outside of a small town and after hiding the car properly Damian got dressed. He returned to the car and opening the door he spoke
“Alright you are my children Lizabeth and Anthony. I’m you father Adrian and we are the Ferrer’s understood”

“Si Papa” Lizabeth answered putting her are through her father and grabbing her brother hand the three made their way into the small town and closer to the origin of the music that filled it.



Jan 6, 2006
She Will Rise Again

Chapter 24

A family of three entered a dimly lit ball room a beautiful little girl with reddish brown hair and green eye’s, holding the hand of her brother who had dark brown eyes and brown hair. The two were holding the hand of their father a man with wavy black hair and dark brown eyes. The man caught the eye of many women but ignored them leading his children into the room and towards a table.

“Papa can we grab some bread”

“Yes baby go right ahead” Adrian answered looking around the room hunting silently for someone then suddenly he spotted the man.

“Papa, did you spot someone you like” Lizabeth asked quietly

“Yes sweetheart I did” Adrian answered watching Andres sit at his table as the servers came out with their food. After their meal Lizabeth and her brother began to dance while their father watched Andres.

“Senor Castillo you are hilarious” a women with curly blond hair, lightly tanned skin and dark brown eyes laughed as she held her fan up blocking her face.

“felgercarb Damian is across the room” she thought

“Excuse me I need to powder my nose” the women said getting up from her seat wondering why The Phoenix had sent her to watch the man if they were going to send Damian to kill him.

“Dammit I can’t let him see me, felgercarb, felgercarb, felgercarb, felgercarb” Eva quickly made her way to the bathroom. Looking at herself she ripped the bow off the back of her dress, ripping the skirt up, pulling off the sleeves. Then she pulled off the wig and messed up her hair taking one last look Eva cautiously left the bathroom.

“I’m to clean” Eva muttered as she walked down the hall away from the ball and to the servant’s corridors. Eva peered around the corner into their living area just in time to see servers enter the kitchen, after making sure the coast was clear she made her way to the fire place. She took the soot and covered her arms and face then quickly made her way back towards the party.

“Her we go Eva keep your head down, keep your head down” she reminded herself as

Keeping her head down Eva observed as Damian talked to Andres …

Minutes before:

Adrian watched as the women by Andres’s side got up and disappeared into the back and seeing his moment of opportunity he got up “Lizabeth, Anthony come here”

“Yes papa” both children said walking up to their father

“Stay in the party dance do what you like but do not leave the party” Adrian finished and turn to walk away before his daughter stopped him.

“We are a team and we won’t stay behind” Lizabeth said in lowered turns and Anthony finished in the same hushed tone “Yeah what is something happens to you”

“Alright I will get him into the back, will be alone. You watch the door and make sure no on goes to back” Adrian said sure that he would be out before that happened.

“What do we do if someone does head towards those doors?”

“Use you powers intelligently and have each others back, is that understood?”


“Alright, her I go stay together” Adrian finished looking at his children one last time before making his way to Andres.

“Why hello Senor Castillo how nice to have run into you”

“Why is that?” Andres asked annoyed at the interruption

“I have a business proposition for you but if you’re busy….” Adrian as he began to walk away only to be stopped by Andres’s hand.

“What kind of proposition Senor?” Andres asked greed shining in his eyes

“Ferrer you know from the coffee dynasty, I work for my uncle and wanted to strike a deal with you” Adrian finished as a strangely familiar servant women picked up his plate and waked past them. Eva quickly placed the plate at another table and made her way out the main entrance.

“Very well since my date seems to be taking her, I can here you proposal” Andres said

“Good may we talk alone” Adrian asked

“Of course, I know the host, follow me into the back” Andres said signaling his friend who then signaled two men guarding a double door. As Adrian and Andres made their way to the doors the guards pushed aside and allowed them in.
“Well speak Senor Ferrer” Andres said as they entered the back office. But before he could turn around Adrian had already sliced his throat.

In the ball room:
Lizabeth’s eyes went wide when she saw the host entering the back doors; quickly she nudged her brother and whispered something into his ear nodding at each other they separated. Anthony started screaming “Rat, Rat, Rat!” as he pointed at the dance floor causing everyone to run around in panick. Lizabeth closed her eyes and made herself invisible. Lizabeth waited until the guards left the doors to control the commotion and then signaled Anthony to follow. Anthony slowly stepped backwards and then joined his sister as she entered the back hallway.

“Hold my hand Anthony so you will be invisible as well” Lizabeth whispered grabbing her brother hand as they made their way slowly down the hall. They saw their father come out of the office and start to walk towards. Lizabeth gasps when she saw the host come out of another door gun aimed at their fathers head. Just as he shot Lizabeth reflected the bullet saving Adrian and letting go of her brother. Anthony ran and took out the man’s legs just as Lizabeth jumped with a right sweep kick and knocked him out. Adrian looked at both children in shock “You, you saved”

“We saw the man coming back her and we didn’t want him to kill you papa. We just wanted to….” Lizabeth explained not wanting him to be angry with them.

“Shh, you did well, very well thank you” Adrian said kneeling in front of his daughter

“We better go before all the commotion ends” Anthony said and the trio quickly exit made their way out of the building to begin their journey home.

The Next Day

Damian, Anastasia and Alexei sat in the kitchen eating breakfast when someone knocked on the door. Damian calmly went to open the door where Eva stood tapping her foot

“It’s twelve in the afternoon and you three are just waking up” she said walking past Damian and into his house

“What time did these children get to bed last night?” Eva asked folding her arms in front of her chest staring while she stared accusingly at Damian.

“Well we…” Damian began to say (Eva’ stare reminding him a little to much of his wives) “When they went to sleep is not your problem, you are here to teach so teach” Damian said staring back at her

“Eva” Anastasia screamed running to hug followed closely by her brother who did the same. Eva glared at Damian knowing that he had brought on the mission ordered by the Phoenix and putting them in mortal danger “men are idiots” she thought out loud.
“Well I have something’s I need deal with. Do I need by supplies for you and the children?”

“No will be fine, thank you”

“Anastasia, Alexei be good I’ll be back” Damian said making his way to his room

“Ian if you going on a mission were going with” Anastasia walked into is room and stated stubbornly.

“We did well in the last mission, we want to go with you” Alexei added right behind his sister both looking at him with determined glares.

“Don’t you trust us we saved you life or are we still no good eno….”

“No Anastasia that’s not it, I am very proud of you. You have both proven that I can bring you with me. But I am not going to clean I am going to deal with some important matters with my lawyer. Later will train and we’ll see how much I can give from your progress, Alright!”

“Alright!” both children said smiling at Damian and after giving him a hug they ran back with Eva.

When Damian Eva was asking the children were they were and gasped to learn that they already knew Spanish, Russian and English. As well as being very intelligent in Mathematics, History, etc.. Damian smiled as he thought to Eva’s “on my god you are both so smart”

“God does that women think she was dealing with normal children god this is the one and her brother both from the bloodline” Damian mumbled to himself reaching the town and riving in front of a familiar house. Entering he called “Hey fool are you home or do I get to frack you wife”

“Try it you piece felgercarb and I’ll have you dick for dinner” a voice came from behind him causing Damian to turn around

“Well go ahead I’ve already had her and she’s not that good”

“I beg you pardon”

“I didn’t mean it Camilla, I didn’t mean it. It’s just that by looking at your husband you wouldn’t think he was too satisfying in bed”

“and by looking at Damian you know he’s not satisfying in bed” the man laughed

“That was low even for you Ricardo” Damian laughed shaking his friend’s hand, in fact the only friend he kept after his families death.

“Alright you two that enough, I swear sometimes you act like children.” Camilla said to both men

“I need to talk to you Ricardo” Damian said

“Very well come to my office” Ricardo said

“I’ll make you both something to eat” Calla said heading towards the kitchen as her husband and friend headed to his office.

“What is it Damian”

“I want to change my will” Damian blurted out

“What, what you mean you want to change my will”

“I want to leave Anastasia and Alexei with all my assets”

“So you do care about them, Marcus was right”

“When in the hell did you speak with Marcus?”

“Relax Damian The Order meets and we talk about you hello you do have the one under your care. So do they really mean that much to you?”

“No, I mean yes, I don’t know how it happened I wanted to hate them but…”

“But they won you over, just like Jose and Solimar always won you over, they had you wrapped around their little fingers” Ricardo smiled at the thought but stopped when he saw Damian’s cast down face.

“I’m sorry brother I didn’t mean to”

“It’s alright your right they have won my heart”

“Alright then let’s get the documents signed and everything in other”

A month passed quickly Eva came every day to tutor the children and Damian continued to train while continuing to bring them on simple missions. After a couple nights of waking up with nightmare’s Damian started sneaking back to his room when the Anastasia and Alexei fell asleep. Both children slept with out nightmares if he stayed with them but at times they would have conversations with their parents and sisters while asleep.
“Well guys I think our training is done, you both did very well today” Damian said smiling

“Our powers are getting better and so are our fighting skills, Right Damian” both children said while running up to him

“Soo do you think, we can start going with on more dangerous missions?” Anastasia asked while smiling and batting her eyes

Damian smiled and rubbed her head “will see Anya will see, but I not making any promises and I stay wait her that means”

“To wait there, we know Ian god were not children” Alexei said sarcastically

“Yeah you both full grown adults Alex” Damian said rolling his eyes as they walked into the house.

Another two weeks passed of the same routine and the children got closer to both Damian and Eva while both adults just ignored each other more and more as time went on. Damian at times would leave to run errands and other he would stay and watch. The children watched as they made small comments to each other through them.

“Anya don’t you think it would be better if Eva gave you time to play”

“Anastasia don’t you think you have enough time to play and should practice you vocabulary words now”


“Alexei don’t you think that so much bread is unhealthy for you”

“Alexei you’re a growing boy you need more food now right!!”

Both children would roll their eyes and ignore them watching in amazement while the arguments would continue with out them saying a word.

“Ian hurry up Eva’s going to be here soon with her children, I need my blue dress”

“Here it is Anya” Damian said pulling the dress out of one of her drawers. Anastasia quickly got dressed and met both Damian and her brother in the kitchen. Just they were about to sit and eat breakfast a knock at the door interrupted them.

“I’ll get it” Alexei yelled as he ran to door and threw it open

“Hello Alexei”

“Hello Eva”

“These are my children….” Eva began as three little people peaked out from behind her and the five children stared at each other in amazement and happiness.

“May we come in?” Eva asked staring at Damian

Damian looked up and….

“Come in, come in” Damian said pushing aside to allow the four in

“Well Damian, Anastasia, Alexei” Eva began pointing out each person
“These are my children Alma and Andres, this is my niece Celine”

As soon as Eva finished talking the children ran up to each other and started talking

“Hi I’m Anastasia and your Alma and Celine right?

“Yes I’m Alma and this is my cousin Celine” Alma said introducing her little cousin once more.

“She’s really quiet, can’t she talk?’ Anastasia asked

“She lost her family and since then she doesn’t talk much but if that a problem” Alma began defending her little cousin

“It’s ok I lost my family too she doesn’t have to talk if she doesn’t want too no need to get violent” Anastasia said smiling at Alma who had already put her fists up ready to defend her little cousin against the older child.

“Sorry it’s that all the kids at school would pick on her forcing me to knock them out.”

“Well remind me not to get on your bad side” Anastasia laughed at the younger child

“What you think I can’t take you”

“No I’m sure you could take me Alma, it’s just that’s there’s no need, you wanna see our beach” Anastasia asked

“Ok come on Celine” Alma said but Celine still didn’t move she just stayed staring at the two girls

“It’s ok come you’ll have fun” Anastasia said grabbing Celine by the hand a pulling her to the beach must to the surprise of the two other girls.

“I’m Andres you’re..”

“Alexei come on I’ll show you my room” quickly the two made their way to Alexei’s room leaving Eva and Damian alone in the leaving room.



“They seem to be getting along”

“Better than you and I Damian” Eva said rolling eyes at him wondering how he is the only man that gets under her skin like that.

“If we don’t get along it’s because you persist on butting in were your not wanted “

“I have three that I’m raising excuse for giving you a little advice”

“I had two children of my own I think I know a little about children as well” Damian yelled back

“Then stop acting like their friend and act like a father” Eva finished angrily and watched as Damian left angrily towards Alexei’s room. Sighing Eva turned and headed down the beach to play with the girls.

Two Hours Later:

The group had come in into the kitchen searching for the food that they had not eaten.

“Well this is inedible, why don’t I make something to eat” Eva began only to be interrupted by Anastasia

“Why doesn’t Damian help you?”

“Yes mama, it’s his kitchen let him help you” Alma finished pulling Damian towards her mother

“Very well” Eva said reluctantly

“Were going to play outside”

“Anastasia don’t you think you should get cleaned”

“Will get cleaned up later Ian, please can we go and play” Anastasia said giving Damian a puppy dog face.

“Alright go on”

“See you just their friend”

“That child does yell and she asked for nicely”

“because you have never said no. Their children Damian they need boundaries. Anastasia acts up when you come in or have you not noticed”

“That’s not true”

“Yes it is, yes they have lost their family but you treated them like porcelain doll is not helping them”

“You know what cook are you own” Damian screamed

“Fine” Eva said as Damian stomped out

The next couple weeks went by with Damian and Eva not speaking a word to each other. Slowly the children got closer and closer as their adults counter grew farther apart.
Anastasia grew more rebellious acting up in class while Damian was their and picking on the younger children. Still Damian ignored the problem only putting on limits when they were training or on a mission. As time went by Anastasia and Alexei grew closer, trusting each other more with their feelings. Slowly the Romanov’s were returning back to their normal selves but still their pain lived on at night with Damian having to stay with them until they slept.

That morning Eva had come and begun her class and Damian left to run some errands and when Damian returned hours later Anastasia threw a her paper off the table and whined “Damian can’t I take a break please, we’ve been studying all day please Ian”

“No you have to finish your sentences and reading then you may play” Eva said sternly

“I wasn’t asking you” Anastasia yelled surprising Damian having seen her act this way

“Anastasia don’t yell like that”

“I’m sorry I’m just tired Ian please can’t I take a break” Anastasia said batting her eyes

“Go ahead but only for twenty minutes then you must come back and finish the lesson”

“Thank you Ian” Anastasia screamed and after smiling at Eva saying “excuse me” she ran outside to play.
“Can we go to please mama please” Alma and Andres begged

“Please can I go too” Alexei asked

“Very well but only for twenty minutes” Eva said waving them off and then turned too Damian angrily

“You are unbelievable letting an eleven year old girl walk over you like that…”

“I did not let her walk over….”

“Mama…. Ian” came the screams of the children as gunshots rained into the house.

Jun 19, 2006
I've been experiencing the same problem as you. I've been trying to log in for a very long time but to no avail. I have many pms in my inbox that I couldn't attend for a month now. Hopefully I will catch up in a few days. I loved both of the chapters. Damian and Eva's comments are hilarious :LOL: They are all going to be one hell of a family on missions like spyrents I suspect :) I can continue to read your story on sd-1 if it's too much trouble for you to put it here because of the logging in problems. Can't wait to read more about Damian and Eva :D


Jan 6, 2006
Chapter 25

She Will Rise Again

Damian and Eva stopped when they heard the children’s frantic screams and ran outside.

“Get off of my sister jerk” Alexei yelled flipping a man over his shoulder

“Don’t touch him you over grown monkey” Anastasia cried punching another in the face Both Anastasia and Alexei defending the other children from the men that were coming at them.

“Why don’t you pick on someone your own size” Damian said grabbing the man about to hit Anastasia from behind by the neck and breaking it.

“Watch out “ Eva cried jumping up and right sweeping kicking two others in the face landing in front of Alexei, Anastasia, Celine, Alma, and Andres she yelled “run”

“Follow us hurry” Anastasia cried, Alexei and the others followed her while Damian and Eva continued to fight of the men.

“Go Eva follow the children hurry” Damian yelled compelling Eva to run then quickly transporting in the air. After sweep kicking another six in the face Damian landed and ran towards the caves.

“Go go go Damian hurry” Anastasia cried when Damian jumped into the car. Damian turned the key and quickly sped off out of the woods and on to the main road as a black car pulled out behind them.

“felgercarb their following us felgercarb”

“Watch you language Damian there are children here” Eva said smacking him in the arm

“Head towards the mountains Damian maybe we can loose them in one of the villages their” Anastasia suggested. Damian sped up the mountain driving through villages but the car was not going anywhere.

“What if we hit the gas and fly off this mountain to that one” Alexei suggested pointing to the mountain across the valley they kept passing as the spiraled up the mountain.

“Don’t ridiculous Lexei we can’t do that we won’t make it” Anastasia said looking at her brother

“Hold on Anastasia maybe we can” Eva said “I mean I can with all your strengths I could”

“What, what are you talking about?” Damian said looking at her

“I’m telekinetic”

“What” Anastasia and Alexei said simultaneously looking at Celine, Alma, and Andres who just nodded in response.

“Yes, all of you hold hands Anastasia hold Damian and Celine you hold mine. Now concentrate all your energy to me. Damian when we spiral back towards the valley hit gas and drive off I’ll do the rest.”

“Do you really expect me to trust someone I don’t know anything about, like how did you learn to fight like that for instance.”

“Damian we don’t have time for this just drive”

“No how in the hell do I know you won’t get us kill”

“Shut up both of you, Damian we have no other choice now drive” Anastasia yelled

Damian hit the gas “here goes nothing” both Damian and Eva spoke at the same time. They flew off the cliff “concentrate on me” Eva reminded as she concentrated on moving the car. The car floated over the valley landing on the other mountain driving downward Damian slowed down.

“Yes, you did it Eva you did it” Alexei cried

“Good job mama” Alma congratulated “Yeah way to go mama” Andres finished

“Alright let’s find somewhere to stay tonight” Damian spoke as he continued driving downward into the main roads. “First we must change our transportation before they catch up to us” he continued as he made it to the bottom and turned onto the main road.

“Where heading to a friend’s that lives in the neighboring village about twenty minutes from here” Damian finished picking up the speed desperate to get Anastasia and Alexei to a safe place.

“Ok here we go” Damian said pulling into a round drive way twenty minutes later, turning to Eva Damian spoke “ follow me” and then the children “come on”

The five got out of the car and entered the mansion behind Damian who yelled

“Hey chicken felgercarb you home”

“You would know about chicken felgercarb since you eat it so much” a young women said coming out of the kitchen dressed in clothes more appropriate for a man.

“Well look at you” Damian said watching her clean her hands with a towel “you look more like my little brother not my little sister.”

“Got to hell!” the young women said

“Now, Now what kind of language is that coming from a lady?”

“Where is there a lady Dami?”

“You’re a lady Flor hello, just because you persist to dress like a guy does not make you one” Damian said laughing tussling his sister’s hair.

“So Marcus and Ricardo were right you’ve gotten a piece of you heart back in the form of two little ones” Flor said nodding towards Anastasia and Alexei “what’s you name?”

“Anastasia and he’s my brother Alexei”

“Well I’m Damian’s little sister” Flor said shaking both children’s hands

“Nice to meet you Damian’s little sister” Anastasia said being a little sassy as usual

“You can call me Flor, Dami I like this one she has spunk” Flor laughed “Who’s the beautiful women and the other three”

“This is Eva, her two children and niece”

“I’m Eva these are Andres, Alma and my niece Celine”

“Hello you little runts” Flor said playfully

“Excuse me we are not runts, we are children” Celine corrected

“Well I’m sorry; it’s nice to meet you children”

“We need new identities, money and a new car.”

“Why, Dami what’s going on?”

“Rasputin’s men found us we ….”

“Have to disappear”

“Yes Flor we have to disappear”

“Flor who was at the door” Diego said walking in as he looked up from his book

“Your son papa Damian, that’s who was at the door”

“Flor what the hell is he…”
“I didn’t know you were coming and he’s our father” Flor interrupted and then pulling her brother towards her and whispering “please Dami he’s our father”

“I don’t give a damn if had done his job my family would still be..”

“Damian you family was killed by Rasputin and our father wasn’t even there you can’t think that he would want anything to happen to his grandchildren.

“Damian, hijo (son)”

“No Enrique I have nothing to talk to you about” Damian spoke angrily but stopped when Anastasia put he hand on his wrist.

“Ian, don’t yell please he’s your papa and you only get one”

“Anastasia” Damian began angrily; when he looked down at Anastasia sad face he stopped “Anastasia I, my father”

“Is the only father you have and he’s alive” Alexei interrupted

“Your both right” Damian calmly spoke “Hello Papa how nice to see you again”

“Hijo mió (my son)” Enrique spoke pulling his son into an awkward hug”

“Damian get rid of you truck, it will be a couple days before I can provide you with what you need. Meanwhile I will get the rest situated and get some food prepared, Carla.” Flor called and a young woman made her way to them “Si Senora” (Yes maim)

“Prepara algo de comer” {Prepare something to eat)

Two or three days later:

“Papa I can’t go with them you’re sick” Flor argued with her father

“It won’t be long before Rasputin” he coughs

“Papa are you alright” Flor says hitting her fathers back

“YES DAMMIT” the old man yelled

“Papa I”

“Flor your brother needs you by his side”

“Papa you need me more”

“He loves that women, I’ve seen it in his eyes”

“But Papa”

“Flor since his family dies you are the only one he listens to. He loves her Flor and she loves him.”


“My grandchildren and daughter in law are dead because my men did not follow through. I can’t” the old man coughs again but stops Flor from coming closer with his hand “Flor I can’t allow my son to loose two families and I won’t loose my daughter. Please let me do this I’m old and I won’t survive the cancer, please go” the man finished looking into his daughters eyes

“Alright Papa, I need to pack we leave in three hours”

“Flor” the old man called “I put your new papers in your room and don’t tell your brother I’m sick, tell him you want to help”

“Si papa” (yes papa)

“Flor” he said once more “I love you never forget”

Flor ran to her father giving him a crushing hug in tears “I love you too”

“Go Flor go now” wiping his daughters eyes and sending her on her way.

Three days later a family of eight left an old man and old mansion heading to the train station and what hopefully would be a new beginning for them all.



Jan 6, 2006
Here is a sneak peak of chapter 26 enjoy

“Damian I’m eighteen now and I’ve been going on jobs with you since I was kid. I think I can handle a couple jobs on my own, I mean I’m ready Ian please trust me.”

“Ana you can’t possibly ask me to allow you too”

“Damian you promised that you’d allow us to revenge our family’s death. Besides that monster killed your family as well, we have been eliminating the family’s supporting him and we haven’t gotten closer to stopping him” Anastasia paused calming herself she touched Damian’s arm “ I can do this if I kill his right hand man and prove to Rasputin that he was a traitor he’ll trust me completely.”

“No you’re to close and he might recognize you”

“Don’t be ridiculous he saw me when I was a little girl he won’t recognize me now.”

“She has a point Damian” Eva calmly said

“Eva she’s a little girl”

“No she’s not Damian, not anymore”

“Flor she is a little girl my little girl and I’m not going to let my daughter go on a suicide job”

“It’s not a suicide job Damian and I’m already close to him by working under the Omen and he hasn’t recognized me yet”

“Yes because your just one of his face less workers but when you kill his right hand you’ll have a face and.”

“He will trust her completely because she saved him from a traitor and then we will be much closer to killing that asshole.”

“Alexei don’t use that language,”

“Sorry Eva but Damian has let us grow up, he ca…”

“Alright enough, leave us, I need speak to Damian alone……” Eva said winking at Anastasia and encouraging her to leave with a nod.


Jan 6, 2006
She will rise again

Chapter 26

“Damian I’m eighteen now and I’ve been going on jobs with you since I was kid. I think I can handle a couple jobs on my own, I mean I’m ready Ian please trust me.”

“Ana you can’t possibly ask me to allow you too”

“Damian you promised that you’d allow us to revenge our family’s death. Besides that monster killed your family as well, we have been eliminating the family’s supporting him and we haven’t gotten closer to stopping him” Anastasia paused calming herself she touched Damian’s arm “ I can do this if I kill his right hand man and prove to Rasputin that he was a traitor he’ll trust me completely.”

“No you’re to close and he might recognize you”

“Don’t be ridiculous he saw me when I was a little girl he won’t recognize me now.”

“She has a point Damian” Eva calmly said

“Eva she’s a little girl”

“No she’s not Damian, not anymore”

“Flor she is, a little girl, my little girl and I’m not going to let my daughter go on a suicide job”

“It’s not a suicide job Damian and I’m already close to him by working in the Omen, and he hasn’t recognized me yet”

“Yes, but because your just one of his faceless workers, when you kill his right hand you’ll have a face and…”

“He will trust her completely because she saved him from a traitor and then we will be much closer to killing that asshole.”

“Alexei don’t use that language,”

“Sorry Eva but Damian has let us grow up, he ca…”

“Alright enough, leave us, I need speak to Damian alone……” Eva said winking at Anastasia and encouraging her to leave with a nod.

“Eva she’s just a child”

“She is not a child Damian, not anymore”

“Eve she…”

“My love she is not a child any longer”


“Anastasia has been working closely to Rasputin for about two years


“Rasputin had not noticed who she and he won’t because she was a child when he saw her last”


“You know she is capable and that is you don’t give her your approval she’ll do it behind you back” Eva continued whipping a make believe hair from Damian’s shirt.

“But Eva I….”

“Baby,” Eva began pushing him on the couch and sitting in his lap “trust her I know she can do it and you know that she can to, come on admit it.”

“Alright the Phoenix will back her up but all her counter missions will be run by me and she will do things in my terms”

“If you promise to listen to her opinions and the opinion every one else before making decisions on her missions.


“Also you have to swear that you will treat her like an agent not like your daughter.”


“It’s what’s neat for her, you both need to be thinking clearly or Eva might get hurt or killed”

“I Don’t…” Eva kissed him shoving her tongue down his throat to distract him

“That’s cheating” Damian said breathlessly after pulling away from Eva.

“I know” She whispered into his ear and then nibbled it a little

“Oh god, Alright I agree, I agree come here” Damian laughed pulling her to him a kissing her passionately

“Damian we still need to talk to, ohhh” she moaned biting her lip when Damian nibbled her ear”

“Who’s ohhh” Damian laughed copying Eva moan to perfection

“Have you… oh god, shouldn’t you guys be over your sex period already”

“Anastasia knocking is not a new concept sweetheart”

“I beg your pardon Ian, I’m sorry for keeping you from getting some”

“Who’s getting some?”

“Ian, like always Flor”

“I should have known” Flor said slapping her head

“I remember when they couldn’t stand each other” Alma said walking into the room

“Yeah I thought they would kill each other” Alexei laughed following Alma into Damian’s study

“Remember when we got on the train to come here” Alma said

“We had to pretend to be a family and…..”

Years Ago:

“Alright were here, let me her your names once more Alma your”

“Almira Montalvo”

“Celine your “

“Selena Montalvo”

“Andres your”

“Andreo Montalvo”

“Alexei your”

“Alex Montalvo”

“Anastasia your

“Anna Montalvo”

“I’m Damario Montalvo”

“I’m Ema”

“Very well lets we have train to catch” Damian finished as they got out of the car and headed to the check in line.

After Check In

“Our bags are in the truck”

“I’ll get someone to bring them to your compartment” one of the conductors explained
“I will show you to your compartment, follow me” the lead onto the train and then to their compartment “Herr you go, we will bring you some extra cots for the floor with you things” then the conductor closed their door and left.

Ema quickly pulled away from Damario “There was no need for you to hold me so close the whole time”

“You’re my wife and that’s” Damario began but stopped

“Well” Ema asked furiously

“Nothing I’m sorry I will try to keep the closeness to a minimum” Damario replied glancing down then quickly looked “Lets go get something to eat” he said hiding the look of sadness that passed through his eyes.

“That’s a good idea” Ema knew that she had brought up ghosts from the passed and regretted it but now it was too late.

One Hour Later:
The Montalvo family returned to their cabin ready to sleep, Damario took out the mattress while Ema helped the children change. After all the children were changed Ema and Damario tucked them in.

“Goodnight Anna, Almira, Andreo, Alex, and Selena”

“Goodnight papa”

“Goodnight Andreo, Selena, Almira, Anna and Alex”

“Goodnight Ema

Two weeks later the family finally reached Havana their new home.



Jan 6, 2006
She Will Rise Again

Chapter 27

Enrique placed the bodies he had ordered his men to find “they must look like them in every way possible, do you understand me Daniel”

“Si Senor”

“Remember five children and three adults, two women and one man” Enrique had ordered hours ago. Concentrating Enrique began to communicate with other gifted.

“Are you ready My?”

“Yes” the young women said in Chinese

“Are you ready Igor?”

“Da” a young man answered in Russia

“Sophia are you ready?”

“Yes Enrique” the old women replied

“Marcus, Enrique,”


“Igor are you and your father ready?”

“I’m ready, papa?”

“Alek are you ready”

“Yes I’m ready”


“Yes” a woman answered from Greece

“Alonzo, Annalie, Ail?”

“Yes” Alonzo replied in Italy, “Yes” replied Annalie in Sweden “Yes” Ail replied in Scotland.

Enrique continued to call the gifted absorbing their strength until he felt he was powerful enough

“Enrique are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes Enrique he’ll kill you”

“Marcus, Sophia I can’t allow my son to loose another family. One of us must be here to move the bodies and stage a fight.


“No Marcus Rasputin is strong and smart, he will know if the bodies are moved from outside. He will feel the presence of many gifted this way he will only feel me because you strengths only make me stronger. Someone must be sacrificed and it’s me I’m dieing anyways. No more buts please just make sure my son does not loose this family and that The One is protected at all costs.” Twenty minutes later the bodies were brought to Enrique who placed the bodies in the beds in separate rooms.

“You may all go now” Enrique ordered as he walked calmly down the stairs “Go back to your homes go”

“Don Enrique you can’t stay here Rasputin will kill you”

“Yes but I can’t allow my son to loose more than he has.”

“Don we”

“Carla, I’m ill and I going to die either way. Go I need to do this for my son, daughter and those children, go” Enrique finished and then waited as his servants left saying goodbye to him one by one.

“God please protect them all” Enrique said as he concentrated controlling the winds in order to create a tornado around the house. At that moment Rasputin and his men surrounded the house.

“Boss how do we get through the tornado?” Andrey whispered to Rasputin

“I’ll open the tornado you will go burn the house but wait until I make sure that it’s them”

Rasputin concentrated and closing his eyes he telepathically went into the house.

“He’s here” Enrique whispered closing his eyes and concentrating in seeing the children, his son, daughter and Eva in their beds a couple nights ago. As Rasputin entered each of the rooms Enrique manipulated the bodies so that Rasputin saw the faces that slept their nights before and not those of the present.

“Good the one and her brother sleep” Rasputin smiled as he opened his eyes

“But…” Alek began but Rasputin cut him off

“The old man does not have enough power to manipulate my thoughts, I know they are there” he said separating the tornado “go burn the house gooo!” he ordered and his men ran to follow his orders.

“Not that easily you don’t” Enrique said pulling some of the men into the roaring winds of the tornado.

“Goodbye” Enrique whispered flicking his wrist flying some of the men backwards making it appear as if gifted protected the home. Allowing many to make it through the opening of the tornado and reach the house.

Enrique waited until Rasputin’s men lit the house on fire then concentrating slammed the bodies against the windows making it appear like people were trying to escape.

“Look Rasputin”

“Good the one is dead” Rasputin sure that the bodies banging on the were those of Anastasia and Alexei “Now no one can stop me” he laughed and turned

“Igor make sure no one leaves, no one” he ordered and then left. Enrique no longer feeling Rasputin’s presence allowed himself to relax.

“Thank you my friends” he thought and then cut himself off from those who had helped him

“God protect my family” he whispered as he lay in his bed and allowed the smoke to fill his lungs. Taking one last breath he said “Goodbye Flor, Damian” and as one tear escaped his lid he died content with what he had done.

Jun 19, 2006
Hmm I'm a little bit Enrique is Damian's father right? So who is his daughter then? Why doesn't Damian know anything about this? :blink:


Jan 6, 2006
Hmm I'm a little bit Enrique is Damian's father right? So who is his daughter then? Why doesn't Damian know anything about this? :blink:
Flor is Damians sister. Enrique does not want Damian to know because Damian would try to stop him and because he believes he owes Damian for his part in Damians families death.


Jan 6, 2006
She Hill Rise Again

Chapter 28

Year Ago:

Damian entered a small establishment that sold bread and smiled at the women he saw.

“Camila” he exclaimed as a women with dark black hair and green eyes looked up at him.

“Ian” Camila smiled looking at her old friend “what are you doing here?”


“Like always”

“Did you get my letter?”

“Yes of course I did and the truck you asked for is out back and here is the address to you new home.”

“Ian, Ian” Anastasia said walking in from outside and tugging on Damian’s coat “Ian who is she?”

“This one of my oldest friends Camila” he said pointing to Camila and then looked up to Camila and said “this is Anastasia”

“Why hello Anastasia”

“Hello” Anastasia answered then ignored the women entirely “Can we go now Damian” Anastasia asked rolling her eyes at Camila who was looking at Damian now.

“Soon darling, go wait outside” Anastasia just nodded and made her way outside with the others “Flor who is that?” Anastasia asked

“That’s old friend of Damian’s” Flor answered and after Anastasia made her way towards the other children Flor mumbled “who’s obviously still in love with him” watching from the door as Camila who giggled at something Damian said.

“What do you mean still in love with him” Eva enquired turning attention to Flor after telling her children not to play so roughly

“That’s his ex-girlfriend and I say still in love because of the way she is touching and looking at him” Flor says never taking eyes off Damian and Camila who is now rubbing Damian’s for arm. Eva looks up towards direction Flor is looking at.

“What a harlot putting her hands all over my man” Eva spit out angrily

“Excuse me your man, I thought he meant nothing to you” Flor looked at her smiling

“He does mean nothing, its just that she should have more respect for herself” Eva finished and then walked away needing time to herself. Flor and Anastasia both smiled at her retreating form and then at each other.


“You were most definitely jealous” Anastasia laughed remembering Eva reaction that day

“I was not I only stated the truth”

“Sure you did”

“She did, Camila was a harlot then, thank god she grew up” Flor said

“So you were jealous that day that’s why you acted the way you did”

“What way?”

“More aggressive than usual” Damian laughed remembering her face when he came out of Camila’s bread store many years ago

Years Ago:

“I have directions to our new home” Damian said coming out of the bread store after saying good bye to Camila

“Are you sure that all you got” Eva said rolling her eyes “Lets go children to the truck.

“Sometimes you blind Damian” Flor said shaking her head at her brother as she followed the children

“What?” Damian said exasperated running after them

“Forget it, just drive” Flor answered when her brother got into the truck

Damian made his way into the mountains “Our new how is in the mountain rain forest”

It’s on the other side of the village. Camila says there is a road hidden by rainforests vegetation that the villagers call the road of death.”

“Why?” Alexei asked

“Because anyone who has found it and went in has never returned mainly because my father’s men made sure they didn’t. It leads into a road on a smaller mountain which has our home on hillside looking over the ocean. The beach is at the bottom of the mountain and there is a trail leading down to the beach. Camila also tells me that there is a small lagoon near our house that has steps in a river leading to many mountain lagoons and natural water slides my father once told her about.”

“Really can we find Damian can we” Anastasia asked

“We’ll see love”

“Yes if Damian doesn’t get lost first” Eva criticized sarcastically

“Excuse me I won’t get lost”

“Oh yes I forgot you got direction from CAAAMMMILAA” Eva ended yelling the women’s name

“Why are you yelling, why???

“No reason” Eve spit through her teeth the rest of the ride was quiet until about half an hour later they reach a town inside the valley of the mountains.

“Well at least there’s a market hear as well”

“Of course darling there’s a market we aren’t cave men in Cuba”

“In another thirty minutes we’ll be home” Damian said entering the hidden road shocking all the village people.


“I remember that, Eva you were more aggressive than usual, oh yes you were” a now eighteen year old Anastasia laughed at the women who with the years had become like a mother to her.

“Who was what?” both Celine and Andres said coming home from shopping

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