Sci-Fi Short Letter About The Initial States And Mom

Aenne Lee

Dec 28, 2016
Happenstance - anything existed, verse anything that simply hadn't been

Notomat - a mythical device, which Mom had created lately, in order to tell us the stories, and to guide us to the most important revelations, or will start making now, since she could really like the idea

Short Letter About The Initial States And Mom

And from the Lake Of Souls you come, and in the Lake you may return. That's all we know

And thus beware, for the sequence of worlds may be trillions and trillions years long, yet it should have some end. And nobody, even Mom herself don't know had she been first

So you can simply leave to nowhere one day

- Stories Of Happenstance

The time have no end and no beginning. Yet the world had never been just flashes and noise. If you rewind all formed the world processes, you'll arrive to some initial states

And just as these starting points could expand in modern life, they could start and fail and destroy a myriad other creatures and life forms before

For this matter could simply form the initial states, and move on from them. Thus at any moment you may look into the past, it had been something different, and at any moment before it

And these processes of creation and destruction could last forever, yet if you look back before all present worlds and planets had been created and before its creator came to life, you should see something sensible this time, as it could form a stable world. These initial states had resulted from another processes, and the processes before

This matter which you see around, could simply possess the consciousness. And since your soul is formed from the same matter, as the world around, you can speculate about preceding the soul matter states

The Teaching Of Mom will reveal to you, that in a far far past, this matter could simply evolve in soul, as it can form DNA, for a part of it had been different than atoms and molecules

And if you wonder, how could all this come true, you have a most simple answer. We simply had been lucky, for with a 50 / 50 chance, it could be anything you can imagine at all, as there had been indeed no reason for anything would exist or won't

Some believe in the Ocean and some believe in the Lake Of Souls, which had simply evolved of the primordial structures and had been flowing in space. And in these Ocean the random elements had been born and destroyed in the never ending Evolution War

Until one night or day, when one only remnant of the War, had become a most successful beginning ever, which had gradually developed in the First Soul and Her Instruments

And she had been a female

She had almost nothing ready at once, and had created all new instruments and devices alone. And it had been just these devices, as opposite to the believes in nothing but ready-to-wear God, which over time made her in World Goddess

And if you doubt this story, you should simply look at yourself. And you'll most definitely see the consciousness and your body, and may assume that all souls had an ancestor, which could operate upon the matter

In a most obvious manner, we simply had a luck, for should you rewind all ever happened processes, you'll come to some initial states of everything to follow, and can never say any other reason for this luck except luck, and perhaps, the infinite past before it became them

I had no intention to write a regular science-fiction story here, for I've told you nothing but truth

This article is a short introduction about the initial states and a most important, a first ever mentioning of preceding the soul matter forms, which could simply become it

You are free to publish and modify this article as you prefer, in order to create the derivatives of told here ideas, and to sell your works, on condition anybody else can use them as a source materials for free either

For the sequence of worlds may be infinite, yet it should have some end. And out there may be Mom, who need your stories, in order to develop Notomat and a new types of Lakes and Worlds

Aenne Lee

Simply writing, and promoting the Artificial Note Writers, for the sake of the most important revelations
Notomat. Press
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