Short scripts: Weapon of Choice, Tattoo.

Hi Everyone,

I am a UK based writer who has written two short scripts which I would like to see get made. Details are below:-

Short script 1.
Title: Weapon of Choice.
Synopsis: In a future Britain, a weapon is developed which can kill any specific person without destroying property or causing collateral damage. The weapon orbits the Earth from a satellite and is controlled by a government organization called ‘Weapon of Choice’. One of its operatives, Simon abuses this power to kill an innocent man.

Short script 2.
Title: Tattoo.
Synopsis: David just can’t keep his tattoos on his body. They keep coming to life and jumping free of him. His car, ship and dragon tattoos simply won’t stay put. After receiving an anonymous email, David invests in some specially designed suction patches which suck his wayward tattoos back onto his body. Unfortunately for him, the suction patches work so well, they suck the tattoos ‘inside’ him where they run amok.

If there are any filmmakers/animators who would like to work with me on either of these then please get in touch. Thanks.