Shows That You Miss


mrs. charlie
SkyGirl5 said:
Popular - does anyone remember that show? :lol:
I loved Popular! It was so cheap how they did not inform the fans that the season finale was actually the serie finale. Mary Cherry was the best! "Thanks Stupid Bill."


the pretender,code name eternity
stargate,dark angel ctv is famous for taking stuff off and since i only have one station to watch i miss everything.
Dawson's Creek (before Jennifer Garner, I was in love with Katie Holmes :love: )
Roswell (why, oh why did they have to kill off Alex especially since I was an Alex/Isabel shipper :angry: :( ? In a way, he was the witty precursor to OC's Seth Cohen)
Undeclared (Fox has no faith in low-rated quality shows)
Tru Calling (see above)
Seinfeld (although the series finale stunk)
even though it's coming back, Family Guy


The Holinator
All those shows that I watched as a kid...Full House, Saved By the Bell, Step by Step. And all those shows that were on Nikelodeon back when it was actually good...Salute Your Shorts, You Can't Do That on Television, Doug, Wild and Crazy Kids. Things like that!

And, of course, Friends. :D


The X-Files -- best ever US TV show (rules the pedestal with Alias)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine -- (Star Trek, I know, but this was dark, had an ongoing mystery mythology (like Alias) & was for the most part serialised.)

Babylon 5 -- The most intelligent sci-fi show ever made.

I can't believe I forgot about Animanics/Pinky and the Brain. I loved that show when I was in junior high/early high school. Warner Bros. needs to put some episodes on DVD ASAP. HELLOOOOO NURSE!!!! :D
Dark angel
the Pinky and the Brain
another one of those WB shows- they taught you about history in songs-i actualy learned!
Boy Meets World! i miss Tapanga! (hmm, sp?)
hmm ABC on saturdays had some really good cartoons before, anyone remember the names of them?


mrs. charlie
Friends and Boy Meets World have a connection! Joey's Bedtime Penguin Pal, Hugsy was also on BMW! He can be seen in the episode where Topanga and Eric go on a diet. In the very last scene Topanga and cory are on their bed and Hugsy can be seen behind them on their dresser!
ConcreteGirl said:
I miss Lost - its a long wait until the next episode.

Lol! I know. Their hasn't been a new episode in a while.

The shows I miss the most are:

1.) Buffy. I still watch the re-runs every day on SPACE. Season 7 is almost done. then back to Season 1 :D. I have all of the DVDs, but I still watch it. I was sooooo sad when it ended! I've been watching Buffy since the first episode, and all the way through, and it was my favorite show for a while (until Alias came.) When it was finished, a part of me just.. vanished. It was the end of an amazing journey. :(

2.) Friends. I have all of the DVDs, and I watch the re-runs, but I still miss it. I was about to cry at the end of the finale, and I don't cry easily. Such a great show. I think everybody loved Friends. I laugh everytime I watch it.
does anyone remember wishbone! it was a kids show about a little dog that would talk about famous plays and stories, like phantom of the operah, it was the best show ever! i miss it so much!