Shows That You Miss

Other shows I miss:

Dark Angel
Tru Calling
Time Of Your Life (great Jennifer Love Hewitt show, plus [though I forgot about it until not long ago] it was my first regular exposure to Jennifer Garner)

Why does Fox always have to trash the good shows?


Dark Angel
All the old Nickelodeon shows (Salute Your Shorts, Pete and Pete, Clarissa Explains it All, Doug, Hey Arnold...etc.)
Seinfeld (though the repeats are on CONSTANTLY)
Home Improvement
Full House
Doogie Howser
The Wonder Years

...and I'm sure there are more.
Buffy <--- the show i grew up with and i still love it, holds a special place in my heart *sigh* even though i think that it went down hill after season three it still rocked buffy is the reason why i have sarcasm in my life!!

Dawsons Creek <--- it just rocked simple as that, and i love joshua jackson

Roswell <--- everytime i see the pilot i still scream Marshall!!! another show that was really good and the person that said alex was the pre-requisite for seth is sooo right

Ed <--- i used to watch this last5 year for the first time as Channel 4 started to show it in the morning and its still the only reason that i will get up before 9!!

Friends <--- because i can still recite the lines and i find myself speaking like all of them!!


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Felicity. Man, I loved that show. Still do. Got some episodes on tape. :D


Jack and Jill. Wasn't a very good show. But I don't care. It was great.
Existentialist said:
Jack and Jill. Wasn't a very good show. But I don't care. It was great.
lol, agreed ;)

well, since reruns rule our country, I don't really miss a lot... Maybe Heartbreak High :cry:
[quote name='Vaughn's Baby Girl' date='Mar 22 2005, 01:14 PM']does anyone remember wishbone! it was a kids show about a little dog that would talk about famous plays and stories, like phantom of the operah, it was the best show ever! i miss it so much!

Oh yeah! (n) (n) That was such a cute show, a lil doggie dressed up in costumes!! :D :cool: cool dog!


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OMG!! So many of you have mentioned my shows!! ^_^

The Nanny (but I do have 144 out of the 145 episodes on tape) :D- 'twas my fave show till Alias and Lost.
Home Improvement
Boy Meets World (totally did not notice that Hugsy was in an ep!)
Full House
Dawson's Creek.. I miss not crying every day !! we just finished 2 weeks ago with the entire show again, all seasons... wow... the last episode is sooooooooooooooooooooo great :( i cry during the entire episode... specially when Dawson's filming Jen when she's giving this video-message to her daughter... damn, all the things she says are sooooooooo touching!! (and with Sarah McLachlan's Angel in the background, damn!)

Full House... the final episode sucked big time! Michelle got her memory back and went downstairs and then there's someone at the door and DJ's like "Steeeeeeeeeeve" and then it just stops :eek: ooh, come on!

The Nanny... it was such a great show!! I loved Yetta and Niles-CC, luckely we have reruns of it now :D

Oh, and does anyone know "Mysterious Ways"? I so loved that show eventhough it only had like 2 seasons but it was great!
Angel - I really liked this show but hated how it ended there should have definately been more series of this show.

Buffy - I loved this from the first episode till the last. I wish there was more.

Dawson's Creek - Such a great show!!

Friends - it was such a great show! It was so funny. I realyl enjoyed it and wish there was more episodes. At least I have re-runs
I miss Full House a lot. I've seen every episode like a million times.

I used to watch Providence too. That was a show that ran for a few seasons on NBC.

Um....NYPD BLUE.....that was my mom's favorite show.
when i was a kid i liked (and now kinda miss!)

* Mission Top Secret - it was an Australian show i think with like these children who're all around the world solving crimes... There was this bad guy called "Savage" and the kids had like this black booklet kinda thingy with a tv/camera in it so they could communicate
does anyone know this???

* I can't remember the name of this show but it was Canadian and it was about 2 friends, Amanda and Buzzy, i kinda liked that show :smiley:

* last one... again, don't remember the name.... It was with this kid who fell out of a tree and was in a coma and he had like this adventures in his "dream" ... he was looking for a way out... damn, i loved that show!