Si-Fi novel - Queen in Exile


Okay guys I want to first apologise for a shamless bit of self promotion here, so I'm sorry :oops:

I've been an avid fan of the science fiction genre for many years from the day as a child I watched Star Wars on a pirated VHS tape. Since then there was no turning back, I know every line from the original Dune movie (bought that VHS tape from a store that rented movies) and have watched the latest episode of Red Dwarf X last night (probably need to be British).

Book wise I love Arthur C Clarke especially his short stories, though I thought 2001 was a fabulous book.

So a few years ago I had a dream (no it didn't concern Martin Luther King) and it was so strong I felt I had to write it down. Well I was busy that day and thought paying the bills and keeping in shape was far more important than putting my dreams on a word processor!
The following night I had the second part to the dream and when I awoke the next morning I had to write it down. Fast forward three years and I uploaded it to Amazon Kindle publishing. Waiting 2 months for a reply from trade publishers was a bit much, especially when they said no :(
Amazon allowed me to put it out there so that I could carry on with writing the sequel, because over those 3 years I discovered that I really love to write.

So I'm here just to let you guys know, the first chapter or two can be read for free so hey if you think they suck then it cost you nothing to find out :) link = Queen in Exile link = Queen in Exile

The book is I suppose what people today might call a "Space Opera"; the title is "Queen in Exile" and the author is "Oliver Strong", well I hope I didn't offend anyone by creating an account so that I could advertise my book. If I did then just remember what George Lucas did to Star Wars and my faux pas might seem forgivable?

Thank you for tolerating me,