Feedback Site "Sluggish"


Code Monkey
Staff member
I recognize that some of you guys have been experiencing double-postings lately has a result of the site being "sluggish" in response.

I've been working on it. :eek:

Nothing has changed with the site lately and I thought I had improved the other day after a few tweaks but I see it still occurring.

It may be time to prune some of the UseNet forums (eg: purge anything older than a year).
Aye, ca rumba! The 'posts' table alone is over 1.1 gigs in size! :eek: :eek: :eek:

Yeah, I'll be doing some purging this weekend.
Well, that was a rough weekend. Purged a bunch of the older usenet posts and upgrade our server as well to be running the latest & greatest versions of Apache, PHP, & MySQL. Also changed the index options of the posts.

I think I'll be putting some kind of scheduled task in place to prune the usenet posts to a rolling time frame (eg: 30 days or 60 days or 90 days, etc.). Will work on that in the next few weeks or so. By doing that then it won't require the site being down for hours at a time just do purge old posts.
Finally finished purging all of the old usenet posts from when we used to offer a free gateway. The size of the 'posts' SQL table alone went from 1.5 GB to 11 MB! :eek: The biggest problem was that even though we were only carrying the text groups that there is always the idiot that floods the group with binary attachments. Those binary attachments, thousands at a time, resulted in huge posts and played havoc with the SQL tables.

Hopefully you guys & gals are seeing a performance increase when loading threads to view and when replying to threads.