Animation Sky_Twister-Every Rose has it's Thorns-Psychic Wars

Randal R.

Hello everyone,welcome to my post.

I thought I would go ahead and share this here.
Sky_Twister / Every Rose has it's Thorns
Another pluck from the animations I been toying with for a new video.
This all started with making the Blue_Oyster_Cult sign/symbol/logo.
Now I got to do a video of the whole song.....

I took a scene file I created once for a Bad Company video-Burnin' Sky
made some changes. and began rendering a 1000 frames..

Frame 160 caught my eye.....see image.
Link to Burnin Sky video

Sky Twister
Link to Download my C4D File of the Animated Sky

Another pluck from an animation..saw this and thought of the title.

Every Rose has it's Thorns

Went ahead and rendered out what I had in Sony for the BOC (Blue Oyster Cult ) video
so you can see some of that in animated form. I thinks its cool.
And Uploaded it.....May be blocked in some countries.sorry....

--This is the project file render-where I put ideas together--

Thank You for visiting my post.

Randal R.