Sliders on SciFi Channel


An Old Friend
SciFiChannel Starts a new run of Sliders today. 'Pilot/Part1' at 4pm.

If you never followed Sliders you may want to catch it from the beginning. If you had followed it, Here's a chance to see the shows before it 'Jumped the Shark'.

It would be nice if SciFiChannel aired some 'other' SciFi Series from the beginning. If you could what would you air?

War of the Worlds-series (New Movie Comming)
Night Gallery-
Space 1999-
Space Patrol-
None really!

I've got a majority of them on DVD anyway - so I'm kinda "first series"'ed out now. But thats great that Sliders has returned from the start, I tuned off when the Prof went!


Code Monkey
Staff member
Cool, I didn't realize that Sliders was starting it's cycle again. The first couple of seasons of that show was great.

To add on to the list of stuff I'd like to see again.... UFO and Blake's 7. Growing up I used to be able to catch reruns of UFO, Blake's 7, Dr. Who, Space:1999, The Night Stalker, Trek, and of course all of those great b-movies from the 50's & 60's. Saturday afternoon TV back then used to be great.