Sloane drinking water?

in a lot of episodes in both season 1 and 2, Sloane always pours himself a glass of water and drinks it..... i wonder if this has meaning?

What other things have u seen in episodes which may have deeper meaning?


I actually think that the water does have some signaficance....In fact, I think JJ sometimes makes it overly known that Sloan is drinking water. Not sure what it means though, any ideas?
Actually in early seasons Sloane drank a lot of alcoholic drinks too. Actually, I can't remember him pouring water, just the booze. In season 3 though, all he drunk was water, as far as I know, and then in the episode where he was supposed to have had Sydney killed, he was drinking wine.
Well, that would make sense then. And maybe it's a little foreboding for us. You know...
1st: Sloane was evil and drank alchohol
2nd: Sloane was temporarily good and drank water
3rd: Sloane drank is his good spell about to end? I hope so, personally I was getting tired of the 'good sloane', partly just because i KNEW that he was still evil. All though, I did enjoy all the opportunities he had to put a wedge in the V/L marriage.
I always thought that sloane would take a break in a conversation and pour himself a glass of water to intimidate people...kind of a powertrip or somthing.
Haha there was a televisionwithoutpity article that had the poll about this...

I think I said like Rambaldi magic juice or something about Syd's blood... because he so would
Hmmm, he probably is into this power play to show that he is in control of the conversation of whatever. He probably is just thirsty, and maybe this is a way to show that the characters are real people who need to eat and drink.


okay. i'm a noob here. this is my first post. so if this has been discussed sorry. i am however not a noob to alias. i'm a freak. since the beginning. and i was curious if i was the only one that noticed nearly every time sloane is shown in season three, (especially the first part of the season) he is drinking water from a clear pitcher. i don't know if anyone else noticed, or thinks anything about it, but my my wife and i have a theory regarding something from season two ( i cant remember the specifics), about a rambaldi theory sustaining life, and we think maybe sloane figured it out and it's something to do with the water. discuss. :smiley:
i think it means something. he was drinking water in s1 and s2 and s3. some wine. but he couldn't drink coffee. remember when he was in the bank in Switzerland? the bank manager offered him coffee and he said he couldn't have it. then in s3 when Sloane was shot and Jack was gonna give him some morphine (?) for the pain, Sloane said that it would kill him. and they didn't offer any explanation. i really think it's an important piece of the ALIAS puzzle.




callsignfreelancer said:
when Sloane was shot and Jack was gonna give him some morphine (?) for the pain, Sloane said that it would kill him. and they didn't offer any explanation.
The explanation why Sloane couldn't have morphine was that he was allergic to it. ;)
i reckon sloane is drinking from the Rambaldi magic elixir of life :magician:
eg. the water bottle in the park when he meets syd and the jug of water in zurich