Season 5 Sloane's Cell

Feb 7, 2005
United Kingdom
I know this is not a very important point but having noticed it, I just had to share.

Does anyone else think that Sloane's cell seems very comfortable, especially compared with the one he was in in Season 3?

He seems to have a full size desk in there so it must be quite large if he also has the normal bunk and facilities. It's bright and airy with a large window in the cell itself and one in the corridor outside.

He has enough books for a small library, when before he had to trade intel in order to be begrudgingly given even one book and to cap it all he even has his own reading lamp!

In season 1 Vaughn told Hassan that they had some incredably nice prisons in the US. Sloane seems to be enjoying the hospitality of one at the upper end of the scale.

I suppose if Jack can't get him out, he can at least make sure he's comfortable?

Bluebird #47

Aug 26, 2005
well, it could be a number of explainations... But I think Syd & Jack were responsible for the comfy cell since he is Nadia's father after all. In s3, he was going to be executed so he didn't need the comfy cell, lol. :D
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