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Anyone know anything about Slooh? An online Observatory. Click the link to view the Homepage. I was thuinking of trying this but there is mention of a 'free trial' and I can get all the Astronomy pictures I want from the WWW. Why would I want to BUY anything?
So this post is to ask...Anyone look into this or did I find something too NEW?

Here's what I have found out...
What is a SLOOH mission?
As a subscriber, you get unlimited access to group missions. Most missions are five to fifteen minutes in length. Using LightMachine™, SLOOH's patent-pending instant imaging technology, each mission presents a LIVE view of one of the known wonders of the universe. This view improves in quality during the mission as our telescopes gather more light. Our observatory aims multiple different telescopes at the subject, which allows you to zoom from a huge expanse of sky all the way to a close up view. Through our user interface, you can capture photographs during the mission and save them in your mission log book. During the mission, our storytellers will explain the history, mythology, science and beauty of the subject.
What objects will I see on the missions?
For starters, the Moon, Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter, as well as the most beautiful galaxies, nebulae and globular clusters, including M51, the Orion Nebula, the Andromeda Galaxy, NGC4565, the Crab Nebula, the Whirlpool Galaxy, Pleiades and Hercules, to name a few.
How much time on the telescope do I get for my $49 annual membership fee?
You receive unlimited group missions– you can participate in as many as you like throughout the year. Simply log-on to the site and join the mission in progress, and then prepare to SLOOH to whatever object is next. The basic membership package also includes 15 minutes of solo time per year and you can buy additional 15-minute increments of solo time for $19.95, or upgrade to the Deluxe membership which includes 90 minutes of solo time for $99 annually.

$$$$$$HOLY COW$$$$$$

And here is what astronomers are saying


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From the description I'm not sure I'm following... are the images presented in real-time from a working telescope or are these just playbacks of previously recorded telescope sessions?