So applied to UNE's criminology school


Had a bit of a mind spasm and decided a degree in Criminology and Psychology would be a hoot. They haven't outright turned me down yet, asked for additional documents which I sent yesterday. Be interesting to see what they think, fingers crossed as the course covers a lot of deviant behaviour etc.

UNE = University of New England.
This just got serious, acceptance email received :eek:

Apparently the class of 2015 comprises 110 students ... hmmm did I need to know that????
Kev, more personal learning though there is the option to switch to combined Criminology/Law in the second year. Criminal Law is an optional paper, so might do that and see how it goes.

Teaching is via trimesters?!? First one I'll do is Crim101 - The Australian Criminal Justice System

Textbook is $100 ?!? Forgotten how expensive Uni texts are :(