Sports So I got into my first road bike wreck the other day...

Now when I think of first road bike wreck, I think of wrecking downhill at a fast speed only to fall off and scrape skin off in the process... right?! You know, a wreck that will leave you battle scars to brag about... BUT NO!!!! That wasn't my wreck...

My wreck was at a complete stop. I stopped at an intersection to await cars to pass so I could cross the highway and I unclipped my bike shoe (bike shoes clip into pedals) only to lean the way the other shoe was clipped in at... fell right over, cars behind me, quite embarrassed...

No one stopped to see if I was okay and personally, I am glad because I was humiliated haha.

So my first road bike wreck was quite stooooopid!!!
ARG! Same reaction as Xenon **GASP**

Glad you're okay Shawn, red-faced and humiliated, non withstanding. I too would have stopped to ask if you were okay though! Then proceeded to pointing with one hand, helping you up with the other, whilst laughing heartily so :P

Yeah - I'm glad you're okay though!

Then, on an organized bike ride... I did it again but only beach I turned on a gravel road and slid into a wreck.... I got scraped and cut up on that one but nothing too serious... battle scars!