Sci-Fi So I'm making a short sci fi film!


Hey, I have only just joined up to this forum but it seems like an awesome place. (I will definitely be sticking around).
But more on subject, I'm a filmmaker and I have decided to start my next project. But instead of going with a drama or comedy, I want to try a sci fi!
I teamed up with a friend of mine and together we wrote an awesome script for a short Sci Fi film! Now we are in the early stages of preproduction and we need funding. Not to pay us, but to make the film. we need to buy the props, make the sets and dress the locations and (if we get enough money) pay our actors well.

Really, we need your help. I came here because you guys are passionate about not only film, but the scifi genre. Perhaps together we can make our little project be awesome?
You can check out our indigogo page here: Ben - A Short Sci-Fi Film
Also, if you have any tips on this scifi I'm working on, please go ahead and say!

Now that I have said that, I would like to ask what it is you look for in a sci fi? Personally I like the genre because it adds that extra layer to a film. But what about you? do you just like it for the cool gadgets and sets or are there other reasons?
Luke, welcome to Cool Sci-Fi and good luck with Ben!

After looking at the IndiGoGo page I'm just curious what a £1,000 pair of socks look like! :o_O: