So what did you think of Stargate: Atlantis?

So what did you think of Stargate: Atlantis?

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So what did you think of the first Stargate: Atlantis episode? Does it live up to the standards set by the first one? More imporantly, will you be watching it again?

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I only caught a few episodes but the few I saw were watchable. Don't take this wrong, To me, SciFi series nowdays are so predictable they just don't do it anymore. Someone needs to break the ST:TNG mold. Thats when I noticed the pattern but in retrospect it goes all the way to TOS. The Wraith are cool. The Puddle Jumper is cool. I feel no passionate connection to any of the charachters tho.
It fills a SciFi empty spot but I yearn for something that works outside the mold.
well, it's reached episode 19 and it's been fine i guess. whilst the script falls down a bit short sometimes, overall it's quite acceptable

i think it's main problems are camerawork, the fixed camera angles they use are too limiting, not allowing you the viewer to get close enough to the character to "feel", "smell" and "touch" them!
The biggest challenge I see it having is building it's own identity. The occassional SG1 references aren't helping in that regards. The season finale did get me thinking about something though...

If the Wraith were planning on attacking Atlantis in order to use the Stargate to get to Earth, then does that mean that they (the Wraith) have ZPMs to use? And if they do, hasn't anybody in Atlantis thought of planning a raid then on a Wraith ship/base to obtain on? If not, then how were the Wraith planning on getting to Earth?
:( I was really looking forward to it -episode 1, episode 2 mmmh.... didn't quite live up to expectations, I supposed when we were used to SG1 character profiles we had a reasonable guess at their action/reaction to a given situation and enjoy! I suppose we could give it more to develop the character strengths and background
what really helps is to watch the documentaries for Stargate, the last one was good as it covered both the series and getting to know the real actors/actresses gave you more insight into their acting style.

when you are watching the series without knowing what exactly the cast and crew were trying to put into it, you miss a lot of the subtle character developments. i can't figure out if they are just too subtle or the original series, being already formed solid in our minds, means we are missing the development of the new cast as we have already settled in with the original characters development over so many years.

they might introduce a character or two into SG1 and give us enough time to acclimatise to them, but here we are faced with an almost entirely new cast with their own characters and development. who can honestly say that SG1 hasn't had an effect on how we view the Atlantis cast?
i suppose we're just making direct comparison of the new with the familiar and maybe our expections are emotive rather than subject. What would Oneil think of these SGA people?