So, Whats everyone up to?

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An Old Friend
I've reinstalled StarCraft and BroodWar and I'm Battling as terran.

I've been thinking about putting my c drive into my edrive and clearing the old c drive to repartition it. I'm wondering if I should include a partition in fat32 when I do it. I have to reverse my jumpers and install xp to my edrive but not sure which I should do first. Wonder if copying c to e will copy the os?

eating a fluff 'n' nutter sandwich

getting rid of some old junk cars out back

recovering from another blood infection

living on short term dis and postponing bills and shutoffs

inventorying my cds and pccds

so, whats everyone else doin?


Creative Writer
still playing Novalogics : JOTR, even better since a 3rd party group has created a free mod for it that fixes loads of issues in gameplay novalogic themselves couldn't sort out. anyone with JOTR (and it comes cheaply nowadays in the shops!) got to and get the Reality Mod installed and get some freshness back in the game!

rebuilt my ex-wifes pc with a new motherboard and found the guy who wrote the manual had reversed half the pins on the board when writing it! then found (eventually) that one of her ramsticks had failed. have to sort out a secondhand pc my kids are getting, remove anything "adult" on the drives (games, images, videos!) and install some games on it for them. it's not going on the net though, the eldest is only 10 and the nets just not safe in their bedroom!

partying after college exams. one night last week i spotted the police working their way round the end of the street at the party i was at and decided i was leaving right then! (it isn't a party unless the police have called round a couple of times to reduce the volume)

remembering who i am

attempting to tidy my flat (i got one side of my living done before i lost heart)

reading a series of 50's science fiction short stories collections and laughing at the raunchy side that the editors of certain magazines forced on the less financially viable authors of the time!