Movies SOLUS - Sci-Fi Short Film


My name is Jacob Chattman - an aspiring filmmaker who grew up loving the same movies, books, and comics that are celebrated on this site. I wanted to introduce you to the universe we’re creating in our short film SOLUS- get your feedback, and hopefully your support. This film is being made as an homage to the science fiction stories of old, and I hope that the success of the short will lead to us developing SOLUS into a half-hour television series.

Amazingly, the project has already signed an extremely accomplished director, Adrian Carr, who is most famous for his work on films such as The Man From Snowy River and Quigley Down Under, but holds a special place for us as he is the director of the first four original Power Rangers episodes from the early 1990’s! He also directed the extremely successful Tex Murphy computer game series. We’re excited that man of Adrian’s experience, especially in this genre, took such an interest in our project.

Please check it out, send me any feedback, share if you are inclined, either way thank you and nice to meet you!