Some Questions For CoolSciFi Members...


An Old Friend
1. Why don't you post more? With all these members one would think this discussion forum would be , well, discussing...

2. What science fiction interests you?

3. Does anyone ever go to scifi related conventions?

4. Where is everyone?

5. Do you really believe the SciFi Channel represents science fiction?
6. Why did you join CoolSciFi?

7. What other scifi sites do you regularly visit?

8. Do you plan to do anything scifi related this summer?
1. Shy
2. All
3. Not as of yet
4. Working
5. Not as much as before (originally)
6. Like interests
7. Any I can find, or be led to
8. Collect books & movies & PC games, from past lists, and new releases, as I can afford them