Some seggesting for



it will be nice if u have a seggest forums .PoLL Forums. this is 2 forums i always like when i join other community i like this 2 forums.. :rolleyes:


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the "Help" section is now the "Help and Suggestions" forum

as to polls, we have a hack on the site for polls, on the homepage look down the left hand side and you will see a poll there. i cant remember whether it's the latest one of if the hack puts random user submitted polls there, like the quotes and gallery image in top right, but that makes the polls extra visible!


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[Moved to "Help Zone & Suggestion Box"]

For the volume of activity we have I didn't think it'd be enough to justify a seperate "Help" forum versus a "Suggestion" forum yet. If the consensus from everybody is that it'd be better to seperate them just give me the word and I'll do it. :smiley:

The polls on the front page are random that pulls from any open poll. Is there a better spot to put them?